Smokey, my African Grey loves lying on her back like a baby while getting head rubs.

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    • Beverly Rhame

      Truly amazing
      As I always say theyโ€™re just like us as the Bible says Adam only had animals for company before Eve so it does seem that mankind got their behavior from animals because our behavior and theirs is not really different
      Very eye opening everything that has life responds to love even a plant

    • Clyce Elaine


    • Juan Carlos Velasquez

      Cuando brindas amor,el amor regresa y triple.

    • Pharoah Monk

      Believe I saw her ancestor on the wall of a pyramid in Giza…

    • Grace su

      please teach it to talk and singing

    • CBDMiracles

      nice video but the background music is far from in the "background"..

    • Theodore Freeman

      Did you get the bird when he or she was still very young shortly after he lost the fluff.

    • Mick Thornley

      Itโ€™s so cool how you do what you do by keeping it from its natural habitat ๐Ÿ˜ maybe someone should keep you away from what you like doing on a daily bases…

    • Lisa Abbwtt

      But she is still a baby. Just because you're adult, her lifespan is longer, unless you keep yourself in good nick.

    • Direct Pressure

      I'm starting to feel sleepy.

    • killzone12

      Your bird is spoiled ๐Ÿ‘

    • A Diamond

      Such a happy bird <3

    • Zee

      you look like David Choi!

    • caroline rousseau

      i think I'd take a little more music in this video…

    • Marren Pink


    • Attention Deficit Squirrel

      WHOA! They rival dolphins and chimpanzees in terms of intelligence? What about squirrels man? Squirrels can problem solve.

    • Gary York

      I don't need a pet that can outlive me.

    • Time for Tinybird and Friends

      Such a beautiful and trusting bird. Please heed all the written advice. Learn from their body language. Time, time, and more time to give to your feathered friend.

    • TrueLies

      65 years?!?!?! Who else had no idea?

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