Telephone for bird! was Cosmo’s first joke. Before she could talk, when the phone would ring, I would shout Telephone! for her benefit and then pick up the receiver. After Cosmo found out that I was BJean, she would joyfully announce Telephone for BJean at the top of her little lungs when the phone would ring or when shed mimic the phones ring—Rrrring!

– Excerpted from Betty Jean Craige, Conversations with Cosmo, due out in print April 20, 2010. (

    10 replies to "African Grey Cosmo plays “Telephone”"

    • Delores Day

      She is just too CUTE!! Rio hasn't quite got the phone ring yet!! Wish I could up load her photo!!

    • katherine nora

      I have to ask? Where did you get cosmo

    • douro20

      lol…"Telephone for bird!"

    • tomolu5

      Good thing your answering machine didn't have the area code, otherwise people might be teaching Cosmo some new words!

    • Don Nadzieja

      Well, it's been nine months.

      Did you get a hold of her? Did she have a wang?

    • Janfromboone

      This is my favorite video. Cosmo wanna go to bed. Nooooo. In my house its the bird that at 9:00pm starts telling us that its bedtime. "I'm going. What time is it. Its bedtime……and so on." Cosmo is such a sweetie. She speaks very clearly.

    • Mer Albion

      I swear , for the first minute i was like –when's the parrot gonna talk? I thought the voice was someone off camera, then i realized no, that's the bird! Her voice sounds so human-like. I'm halfway through your book and loving it, btw. "telephone for bird!" 🙂

    • ahorsecalledgavin

      Cosmo is awesome – her laugh is just brilliant, and I'll bet she sounds just like you, because she doesn't sound like a bird!! Thanks for sharing.

    • Fruitdot

      This is just adorable!! 😀 I love the part when Cosmo says "you've reached…" and the wrong numbers, then laughs, then says the right numbers! xD Our CAG Malaika will joke by saying: "What does the dog do?" then miaow like a cat before the typical "he he he" laugh, because she knows that she said wrong! :p

    • birdlady423

      Cosmo is amazing and so very precious.

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