6 replies to "African Grey Parrot 12 Weeks flapping / exploring cage / step up"

    • Ben Ashford

      don’t let it stand ontop of the cage because then it feels like it boss

    • alex mehler

      Y are u letting her bite u like that.

    • yvonneost12

      Hi I gather you are in UK , can I ask what you paid for her ? mine is also
      11 weeks old and mine was $4,500 A$ , but I believe they are cheaper
      outside of Australia..

    • leeterrell2008

      @Alishah051214 hi i am quite aware of that, it is their natural instinct to
      be higher as it makes them feel safe. it would be very impractical and not
      very good for the bird to always keep them at a low level. when she sits
      with us she is always lower… however she has the freedom to explore and
      fly around as she please ( as i do not and would not clip her wings as this
      is morally wrong)

    • Fuld Smæk På

      I’ve never ever had any sort of trouble with my bird not acknowledging me
      as the boss and ive through the 3 years with her always been letting her
      fly around constantly being on a higher level than me so that is bullshit.

    • ALI SHAH

      some advice putting her on top of the cage is not a good thing… putting
      them in a higher level to you is to them that they are he boss..

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