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Here is Little Miss Casper, with the newest members of her flock Howard & Bernadette (Thanks to ‘The Big Bang Theory’ for the names!!)

I do supervise them very closely . Casper only trots over to them if they are on her cage etc… enjoy the video!!

    3 replies to "African Grey Parrot and Budgies"

    • Laauren Jacobs

      which ones are harder to raise?.. also for your African grey what tips
      would you give to me for the cage? been looking for one but dont know whats

    • leeterrell2008

      Hi there, I think you need to maybe do a bit of research before getting a
      bird. There is a HUGE difference between caring for budgies and caring for
      an African Grey. African Greys take a LOT of time and money to look after
      properly, they can not just be plonked in a cage and left… they need as
      much out of cage time as possible and stimulation through toys as well as a
      good diet including fresh fruit/veg and beans/pulses daily. check out the
      parrot club website in the descrip for more info

    • Laauren Jacobs

      Thank You :)) very much appreciated

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