Parrot attacks Dog for bird toy.

    7 replies to "African Grey Parrot Attacks Yorkie Dog."

    • Lollitsa

      You should be careful, dog saliva can kill your parrot. This is no game.

    • AveryAndMay4ever

      Every1 should stop fighting nothing went wrong n both the animals r
      supercute so just learn from ur mistakes!!! Peace 2 the world!

    • Holycrapmuffins05

      i got bit by one of those parrots

    • guitarman3190

      I learned something new…didnt know that, youtube is educational lol

    • myroosterwilleatyou

      This can go wrong in a variety of ways. I’m glad it didn’t and hope it
      doesn’t in the future 🙂

    • Carne De Lagarto

      @Lollitsa Ah stop it, cut the shit. I’ve owned birds for over 15 yrs they
      play with both my dogs and cat and they have never had issues. People need
      to stop being fucking retarded that’s all. Always do these things
      SUPERVISED just like if you had a CHILD. Today’s society is full of fucking
      imbeciles and retards but there are some of us with common sense. I have 2
      AGs, 2 Caiques, 1 Greenwing Macaw, 1 Severe Macaw, 1 American Bulldog, 1
      Pitbull and a scruffy cat we found and never any problems.

    • Carne De Lagarto

      @myroosterwilleatyou Yes, if you’re fucking retarded and just let them lose
      and walk MIGHT go wrong, might. I can tell these animals are
      smarter than all you retards with your stupid comments. See, some of us
      understand responsibility and consequences of ALL actions so we take
      precautionary measures. Imagine that huh? Humans doing what they SHOULD be

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