We had two new African Grey Parrots born at our bird rescue sanctuary from two new adult birds. These birds are 6 weeks old and are healthy and beautiful. Berkshire Bird Paradise is a nonprofit organization that has over a thousand residents with many parrots, eagles and many very exotic birds and creatures. we are located in Grafton, New York. We are Open from Memorial Day to Labor Day 7 days a week. Please stop by or visit us on the web at http://www.Birdparadise.org

    10 replies to "African Grey Parrot Babies"

    • judy Barry

      How is it that a “non profit bird sanctuary” is breeding birds by
      accident, how can you possibly not know it. There is such a horrible
      overpopulation of these birds in shelters, that they are having to
      euthanize these birds. 

    • John McCain

      They are angry

    • erica peretyatko

      they look very angry and hungry

    • Susan Hansen

      so cute….notice the way the baby bird cuddles against Elizabeth!

    • bilal hussain

      nice looking greys , ive got a few questions if you can answer them for me
      as ive got greys , thank you

    • Emily Tenniswood

      That bird is not happy…..

    • zee hogs

      Hello we have two Afrcan Grey Parrots ready to go to thir new home we are
      looking for any good will persons or individuals who are will to take good
      care of my Talkative African Grey Parrots contact via email

    • Rolf Hansen
    • modesto aguilar

      mi nombre es modesto y estoy interesado en africa grey o 2 mi telefono
      es305-397-5726 yo hablo espanol

    • TheClaireWitchProject

      I love how the one is so cranky! XD

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