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    • Aidan Woods


    • Uncle Keifer

      I just showed your clip to my Af. Grey and he came alive and chattered up a
      storm with it. I think we can safely say that African Greys are the true
      “party animals.” This is great footage. Thanks for sharing it with us!

    • coxy8oi

      @EdwardXI makes sure you give them plenty of attention, a parrot mix can be
      found at nearly any pet store and makes sure you change their food and
      water everyday. Main thing though is too give them plenty of attention,
      they can get really depressed otherwise and will start plucking. Get it a
      descent size cage with plenty of toys for it to play with.

    • zippy4234

      LOL!! Looks like the birds the one that has the owner trained.

    • lyndaelyzoo

      @agenthelios1 LOL…Thanks. I love this bird!

    • falloutcool

      4:13 damn it lol

    • 777Marlene

      aww Brutus is an awesome beautiful boy….he is a connoisseur of great art
      , he is a great judge of character “what kind of bird are you”, he is a
      really happening guy,”allright!”…..oughhh!…and he is right….bp does
      suck……I LOVE YOU BRUTUS!!!!!

    • snellvillegirl


    • Aria Tarmin

      this parrot is more intellingent!…it seems that even imitate people when
      they phone by putting the phone to his ear … and also that imitate
      someone who is being abused at home giving themselves a little blusher

    • Freddie Magotte

      I have male/female (Oscar and Ivy) African congo grey for rehoming, my wife
      will be out for a voluntary program for over 8months and my working program
      will not give me much time to stay at home with the birds especially as my
      son is joining navy and the birds will need more attention than I alone
      wont be able to give. message via email if interested to adopt them;

    • james rodey

      You are aware that he can talk and be very funny with out your ass in the
      back ground saying bp sucks. Shuuuuuut up!!

    • lyndaelyzoo

      @FLORIDAMAN77 Owning a grey is a huge commitment and responsibility. There
      are many unwanted African Greys up for adoption if you are serious about
      getting one.

    • lyndaelyzoo

      @agenthelios1 I haven’t figured that out yet either!! : )

    • Jeanne Hawary

      he said, “OWWW,” when he went potty

    • ryannlag

      Why are you so uptight? MOST if not all would get a giggle out of a bird
      that muttered a curse. yep, even grandmas from church! LOL LIVE A LITTLE
      LADY! jeeezz!!

    • some1unkn0wn

      Hilarious! What an awesome bird.

    • avengingkitty

      I just loved listening to all the things he had to say…so cute!

    • mangolefty

      i heard that “obama whoop” at 135. does that mean parrot wants to whoop

    • tjatnb

      Well, BP does SUCK !

    • free2saywhatever

      You have done a great job of raising and teaching him. I wish I was
      determined! Kudos to you. “It’s okay…” haha too cute.”What kind of bird
      are you?” haha.

    • basspig

      I love how he says “Scratch?” at 4:33 and then proceeds to do a slow
      deliberate scratching motion with his foot. He’s adorable! How old is he? I
      have a 1 year old, who’s learned to say “hello” and a couple of other words
      so far.

    • sgpuppy

      Very smart! So many phrases and so musical…charming!

    • Andrea Whaley

      How old was your Grey when he or she started to talk? Mine is 7 months and
      were still waiting…

    • lyndaelyzoo

      Parrot says “bp sucks” at around 1:18

    • littlespinycactus

      If your delicate sensibilities are offended by Brutus’ s ‘not so glamorous
      language’, avoid Ruby, the X-rated parrot at all costs!

    • BebopsHouse

      …con’t… part 2…. Another reason they pluck is food allergy. Sometimes
      they are allergic to corn that is in the feed you get for them. You can get
      parrot food that has no corn in it. If the plucking doesn’t stop after a
      while after doing these things, you can buy in a pet store or online, a
      product called, Pluck No More. You mix a little everyday with the birds
      water and it has a calming effect if you have a nervous bird.

    • mpetrey

      I have an African Grey and I am his 3rd owner to the best of my knowledge
      and when he came to me he cussed something horrible! I have had him for 9
      months now and he has nearly stopped his colorful language. Doing all I can
      to teach him lots of other words in hopes that he will not cuss anymore but
      once in a while he will. Guess it is something he will never forget.

    • 2254859236

      @midwestmacaws your stupid

    • Aeonboom

      Love it! BP SUCKS!

    • AprilEater

      She whistled like an alarm and my cat freaked the hell out 😛

    • Michael Craig McGee

      Beethoven lol

    • unak78

      Sounds like he’s also mimicking a time when the fire alarm went off.

    • uaexdream123123

      lol… (what kind a bird are u)

    • Daan Schol

      bp freakanly fuc*ing suc*s f*** bp

    • ResistNWOrder

      ahaha … what a clever bird! And honest too. I laughed at the “hip”
      sayings XD

    • FWCASParrotRescue

      My AG Karl really enjoyed the video and hanging out with Brutus. We will
      have to add Brutus to Karl’s favorite youtube videos. He responded really
      well to Brutus. I also don’t think the word suck is really profanity so if
      Karl picks it up it is fine with me 🙂 LOL

    • PrincessAurora777

      Your bird is so pretty and smart, you must be doing a great job! I love him
      and want to take him home with me. ; )

    • agenthelios1

      @lyndaelyzoo Great parrot. Glad to see you take care of him. My favorite
      part was at around 1:48 where he says “alright…um” but 1:25 –

    • PrincessAurora777

      Maybe you can teach him to say, “monsanto” for the next video.

    • davidmin7

      2:29 Love it when they do that 😀

    • midwestmacaws

      @lyndaelyzoo that being said I must admit he is one heck of a sweet guy
      love the big kisses

    • unoloquito

      did he say, “F$%^ that”? lol

    • tareed44

      Every one is entitled to their own opinions. You do what you think is best
      for your pets. That bird will hear new words everyday. You cant stop that.
      Just sayin.

    • lyndaelyzoo

      @midwestmacaws I appreciate your concern, but I plan on owning him forever.
      I never even hear him say it anymore! I also disapprove of owners training
      their parrots to use profanity, but this issue has made me so depressed
      that I thought we all could use some laughter in this stressful time. And
      this parrot is so smart, that I really only said it a few times and he
      picked it right up! And since he hasn’t been hearing it again, I haven’t
      heard him say it since the video was made

    • ThisAndThat4All

      Your birdie is SOOOO ADORABLE!!!! 🙂 <3

    • Jason Clarkee

      they have the intelligence of a 4 year old child

    • Jeanne Hawary

      @GypsyRains at about 2:30… funny

    • agenthelios1

      @lyndaelyzoo What does he say at 2:10-2:12…he sounds really sincere about

    • Pikaboo

      Awww he’s a cutie. Wish I had the time and money to own all the pets that
      I’d love to own.

    • gourmet soap boutique

      Did he say Obama?

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