Moby the parrot chasing Brodie the cat’s tail

    11 replies to "african grey parrot chasing cats tail"

    • rollingklouds

      Why is it birdie’s fault? He / she got slapped right and left a catless
      tail. Has anyone seen a cat? No. 

    • vince0o7

      hehe cool parrot

    • booboo636

      He was….sadly, he’s escaped. So no more funny videos from moby 🙁

    • booboo636

      She’s shouting Brodie.

    • JM2X4

      he looks like a funny little person!

    • TheClaireWitchProject

      Lol, that’s so cute!

    • Freddie Magotte

      I have male/female (Oscar and Ivy) African congo grey for rehoming, my wife
      will be out for a voluntary program for over 8months and my working program
      will not give me much time to stay at home with the birds especially as my
      son is joining navy and the birds will need more attention than I alone
      wont be able to give. message via email if interested to adopt them;

    • wizzifloyd

      What a shame he escaped. I bet the cat was pleased. But what a shame xxxxx

    • pop19975

      my step mom has the same parrot lol!!!

    • tinasattler1

      lol that is so funney

    • Olaipai

      @booboo636 I feel with you! :'( <3

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