Here is Casper, having a play around she is such a soppy bird and LOVES / DEMANDS attention!

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    • BlamefulEye36

      Do those bites hurt? And is it true that they can bite off fingers??

    • xzotic92

      omg how do u get him to go on his back like that i have a 10 months old
      grey the sweetest ever but when i try to flip him on his back he would bite
      the shit out of me also he dont really move much !! 

    • Brandon Boogers

      It would be awesome to have such a good personal relationship with my
      birds, but, they’re finches so they wont let me get close to them (Well
      the baby ones that i handled let me pet them a bit but then they fly away)

    • NL RazorDodger

      Need to wear very big gloves to avoid the oh and talk alot with him :)))

    • Pinky Dash

      What a cutie!

    • toddviv

      the cutest little boy ever

    • Karate Shotokan

      nice video , If anyone else wants to teach your paraquet it’s worth trying
      – Banfan Terrific Parrot Tips – ( should be on google have a look)? Ive
      heard some interesting things about it from my buddy – just check out it 

    • ScreamingDEATH123

      Carline vercoe wait it will trust u soon

    • Pam Burley

      They all demand attention!…very social birds!

    • Caroline Vercoe

      I really wish I could do that to my parrot I can’t even touch mine because
      she will attack

    • Jan Kubera

      Our parrots is biting everymoment. ;-)

    • Jill Lang

      Oliver plays like that, too. Casper is very playful! cute

    • Andrew Harrison

      how did you get it to not chomp down when it bites you

    • Claude Hachey

      I have one , 10 years now ! Very demanding birds that need LOTSof attention

    • dannyi232

      Love your bird my baby acts like a dog her best friend is a st poodle 

    • hasan mazloum

      Sooo cute
      It’s just a baby 😉

    • yasser ali

      I mean:(

    • yasser ali

      I have one but I can’t touch it bites :)

    • teddy mike

      two Congo African grey parrots ready for re homing to any lovely and caring

    • Marie- Aline Monnaux
    • marie gordons

      I have a pair of 18 weeks old African gray parrot for adoption, they are
      semi tamed but giving them the time you can teach them to be the best
      because they are young, have perfect feathers, comes with their certificate
      of DNA and also near a ring around their feet
      text 514-416-8158 if you or email if you think
      you are fit to adopt the babies

    • zain ahmed

      how are you , If anyone else wants to teach your paraquet it’s worth
      thinking about – Banfan Terrific Parrot Tips – (just google it)? Ive heard
      some decent things about it from my mate – just check out it

    • beckymadd

      The bird is playing not “biting” you moron.

    • Coronel Tapioca

      You can avoid a bite if you pay atention to their body language 🙂 This one
      is just playing. When they’re playing they only touch you, without bites!
      (Sorry for my terrible english xD)

    • Britt Fellner

      Those baby Grey eyes…. She was having a good time … I miss my Grey…
      Thank you for sharing your precious lil one.

    • Zakariya Abbasi

      It’s not biting its playing

    • FunerealObsession

      Are African greys normally this cuddly?

    • AprilFoolMaggie


    • Ai Chan

      what a little cuttie!

    • Bryan M Haught

      Great video. Question, when he bites u does it hurt? Seems like he playing
      around with u so he is probably not trying to hurt you but when u first got
      him did he bite you? Did it hurt a lot? Do greys bite n hold on? Just got a
      3yr old grey, learning still

    • yvonneost12

      That’s why kids should’nt have pet parrots unsupervised they cant read body
      language and that’s how they get bitten..

    • Eseress

      This is not biting. Biting hurts. Parrots only have their beak to use for

    • Rafaela L

      Cute parrot

    • bekkahboodles

      Haha if it was real biting one of those guys would be missing a finger

    • Kelly Ruyp

      Is she hand feeding?

    • leeterrell2008

      Hi, if SHE (not “it”) was biting I certainly would know about it and would
      not be able to keep my hand there. If you have actually had a bite from an
      African Grey you would know that. She is playing about with us and not

    • destaney davis

      how old is your african gray parrot. they live for a long time. i think up
      to 60 year right, if healthy. i want to get one.

    • Knut-Ole Iversen

      really nice parrot you have there! i’ve been thinking of buying one myself.
      think they are the best looking parrot of em all, and i have been reading
      alot about them, and think their temprament is suiting me best.

    • carajillo99

      Cute as a button!! Can’t wait to get mine! Thanks for sharing she’s
      adorable ! X

    • qluuuuuuuulp

      hehe don’t when answer him..if she wanted to bite we’d have seen it. My
      grey is as playful as yours, lying his back and playing with toys and
      such:). How old is she now btw? mine is soon 2years

    • YT Addict Rusher Kat

      aww! i have the same type of bird…but i wanted to ask. do u think..i mean
      like…..are u sure its safe to lift him up like that? by the way love ur
      parrrot mine doesn’t let me touch him except for the beak. but he lets my
      mom and my dad touch him <3 awwww

    • Camille Kuo

      da…..a real bite will put u in hell. This grey is playing like a puppy
      with light bite.

    • brenda claire

      PM me for more information and pictures on how to welcome them home

    • Evan lindsay

      I’ve owned many parrots, this i play biting. Nothing more 🙂

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