Chester Birdinski, an African Grey parrot, learns to say “Good Birds Don’t Bite.”

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    • Alex Martin

      That is hilarious my friend.

    • ChesterBirdinski


    • mokesoakes

      He is adorable! Pretty much all birds bite so he is correct!

    • LadySage02

      I love it our Boo bites us but anyone else comes in the house and he steps
      up on them or if they don’t give him attention he climbs off his cage and
      steps up…lol

    • weechster

      Chester – what a handsome chap you are! I love your name!!

    • Evan Dancik

      I have an african grey parrot too! His name is cruise and he is 19 years
      old. He is hilarious how he talks like a pro and can destroy a peanut! (his
      favorite food)

    • 2ossy

      Good birds bite!!

    • tinasattler1

      dear chester hellow ther im tina i love your videos

    • Laura Ludwig

      what a cute bird – i have a grey and a macaw

    • ChesterBirdinski

      Dear Sunkissedbeach, I still bite, but only when I find it necessary.
      Please see my new videos. Happy Holidays! Good birds, Chester

    • CongoKeeper

      Timneh grey parrot !!!

    • Marlene Lucas

      My favorite video ever!!! Love Chester.

    • Pob Marley

      jesus my one Burps, sneezes, squeels like the kids that play in the same
      room, Barks, calls the dog when the door bell rings and says back, bed, dog
      bed… only when the door rings and he says it even before us lol he also
      says, hello and my phone number whilst the phone is ringing lol Its just
      brilliant to have a bird with such brains, be careful of ever swearing near
      one! it takes no time at all for them to pick it up. TRUST ME I KNOW.

    • luminire

      LOL he’s soo evil. <3 seems like he loves biting, eh? ;D

    • Washu1973

      I don’t think he believes you.

    • douro20

      I’m trying to think of who he sounds like.

    • Mosk

      Does Mr. Birdinski know any Polsku? I am working with my Grey right now, he
      can say all the colorful words my Polish grandparents call me 🙂

    • NayOnFrames

      Seems like he’s sure about what he’s saying.

    • Masooma Jannah

      lol hes so cute so want one but to expensive got my love birds and noisiey
      kakarikis and whistling cockatiels to keep me company

    • TheSamsrealtor

      Jajaja yes they bite. My finger still hurts from yesterday. I was thinking
      about a Congo soup yesterday but I calmed down today.

    • tiny11231

      LOL Funny stuff 🙂


      thank god i thought my bird was bad because he bites all the time he most
      be the best bird ever xD

    • tinasattler1

      good birds dont bite

    • sammie848

      I’m getting a baby congo next month! soo excited!! I hope this good bird
      doesn’t bite 😉

    • Lawrence Hirn

      Awesome birdie..

    • MA CC


    • xXxNyckBishopxXx

      Love it… I have a “good bird”. 🙂

    • Michael Bass

      Good birds bite! LMAO

    • ChesterBirdinski

      Thank you for your comment. Please watch my “Advice to Golfers” and my
      “Merry Christmas” greeting. Chester, aka Good Birds

    • dawnsfall

      My macaw shares the same view on biting as Chester does. lol!

    • itsfarid

      loll good birds bite! so cute

    • birdlady423

      Oh my goodness HOW FUNNY AND PRECIOUS!

    • Molly Guest

      He knows what you want him to do but he can’t tell a lie.

    • ZeroZXZ ZeroZXZ

      Good birds don’t bite. But if chester is a good birdie… Then good birds
      BITE! >:3 *END OF ARGUMENT!*

    • StoutNerd

      Lol hes got a nice radio voice ^^.

    • Nudelsalatbomber

      he´s ahving clearly a diffrent opinion about that good birds biting thing!

    • BirdGamer

      this is supposed to be the smartest bird in the WORLD!

    • weechster

      I agree – more Chester videos please!

    • AnimeFreakGaI

      either birds are good or bad they will always bite.

    • ChesterBirdinski

      @blueguy81 No. They choose what they want to say.

    • jujubechan

      Hehe soo true haha

    • idahoMW

      Cute timneh! Great video!

    • Nadia Bennet

      @blueguy81 You have to repeat a phrase several times(sometimes over a
      hundred) to get a bird to learn to say a phrase. It would take weeks of
      training just to get a full sentence.

    • Cynthia D

      LOLOL such patience you are a great mom this is adorable .. great video ! I
      have a timneh as well I think they are the Best !

    • gabbyhall

      LOL! Very cute!

    • bukemdano24

      Love it

    • TheClaireWitchProject

      That’s so cute! What a little sweetheart. :3

    • ChesterBirdinski

      Thank you. You are very kind. I like how Kramer opens soda cans. He’s
      definitely good birds! Chester

    • MA CC


    • ChesterBirdinski

      @luminire He’s not evil–he’s HONEST!

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