African Grey Parrot was screaming at a plastic dog.

    9 replies to "African Grey Parrot screaming"

    • Joseph Fiorilli

      You’re a scumbag piece of shit. I hope you die of cancer slowly for
      scaring that animal who is trusting you.

    • RTiga

      I can’t believe you would deliberately scare your parrot like that! You
      should provide a safe environment for this type of creature who is
      naturally fearful…teasing your parrot to the point he/she is scared is
      not providing a safe environment. I hope for your parrot’s sake, that
      you’ve stopped! 

    • Maham S

      The parrot is crying

    • flossyb85

      Why on earth would you deliberately scare the poor thing!! Not big and not


      seems like your torturing him….

    • Lexer Jay

      I hope he takes off your finger.

    • Moobu

      What a terrible video. Do you enjoy scaring your bird and putting it in
      stressful situations? Poor thing is clearly agitated…..

    • FurFeathersAndScales

      How would you feel if a robber came in and you looked at him and said “get
      the eff out”– and he did!? Parrots are intellegent. doing this for prolong
      periods or daily could cuase insecurity, but occationally showing the bird
      he can scare off intruders could be very stimulating for the bird, do not
      underestimate them…

    • Geahry

      whats rong with this ppl? this is fun ! like it 😀

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