Carrot the African Grey parrot loves singing Jingle Bells. His favourite singer is Andrea Bocelli singing Jingle Bells with the Muppets.

    17 replies to "African Grey Parrot Singing Jingle Bells"

    • sailer1001

      Carrot the African Grey parrot loves singing Jingle Bells

    • Einstein Parrot

      Bravo Carrot! You didn’t miss a beat! Merry Corn from Einstein the Talking
      Texan Parrot! :>

    • YourLifeCycle

      Wow, Great little guy. You have an amazing voice. (^_^)

    • Hayesifyable

      That is the cutest thing I’ve ever heard. Love his accent!

    • Ellen Uittenbogaard

      Too cute!

    • Fayn

      Wow, he can really sing very well!

    • J0J02007

      Well my parrot can’t sing or even whistle that, but we are still working on
      it. She really stopped and listened though when I played it and even gave a
      little dance to the singing. LOL 

    • fivegreyparrots AnnAllen

      Had to share on my page Six Grey Parrots. That was tremendous Carrot! 

    • Kristen DiNobile

      Great job! I love it! I’m trying to teach my CAG to sing it right now so
      hoping this will help her! The end is adorable — “Bye! Hope you liked it!”

    • AnimalSites

      That was marvelous, Carrot!!!!!!

    • Andria A

      Aww, so cute! I’ve been trying to get my double yellow to sing Jingle Bells
      but no such luck yet, she just dances while I sing it, lol.

    • BeaLoun


    • Sharon McMahan

      Great job, Sweety! 

    • So Tashiro

      So lovely :-)

    • laura lu

      what a sweet voice!

    • Jean Fultz

      How sweet Carrots voice is!

    • myprophet1

      Whoo!! :-D

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