Kookoo my 2.5 year old African Grey, talks to him self, the dog, and me. He sings Gangnam style at 1:04, 1:25, 2:35…

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    • Moe Dabbous

      Gixxer 600…

    • nicalebya carp

      I think that there is a dead or sleeping budgie on the floor

    • Martin Thomson

      the ching ching sound.whats that that he/she’s been copying? sounds like a
      shicel being hit lol

    • 88clintw

      He (she) needs a LOT more toys and perches!

    • mackat4ck

      The samsung ringtone! XD That would get me every time! “Ooh I got a
      message!” *checks phone “Shit, it’s that damn bird again!”

    • CelticGoddess111

      Cute video! Though, if you haven’t already, he needs a bigger cage and a
      few more toys than what he has. Parrots need a lot of stimulation so they
      don’t get bored. ):

    • Moe Dabbous

      Sorry I forgot how to korea…

    • Wile E Zombie

      Im sure a lot of people here in Korea would find this birdie quite cute for
      learning Gangnam style lol

    • iP.Y.S.E!


    • Anne Haight

      LOL at 0:51. Sounds exactly like my phone.

    • Christian Gutierrez

      Is that a dead bird on the floor

    • Pandora Divine

      i did check my cellphone… He got me!

    • 20PINKluvr

      Someone listens to a lot of gangnam style 

    • Moe Dabbous

      Sorry I forgot how to korea…

    • Amanda Lee Dube

      how sweet!
      i often wonder what my parrot would pick up in my house, if I had one.

    • bucca2


    • Jordan Greene

      Joe Rocket!

    • BlueNoodle79

      This cracks me up!
      You must hear that song a lot :o)

    • lovemygirlali

      lol so funny

    • suzie s

      this is so funny

    • Supernova

      The Samsung ringtone, LOL! I thought I had a message. That bird is effing

    • Hi my name is...multi wow bow

      you can see a man in the reflection of the tv and speaking in some parts

    • Diana Jacobs

      cute, your baby needs lots of toys though <3 he talks more then my 2 cag

    • HoserPowerlifting

      i died at the samsung ringtone lol what a nice bird you have 

    • sam ali

      My cockateil does the samsung ringtone

    • Chris P_2014

      lol imitates a text message sound. That was the funniest bit for me.

    • TheVoidReturnsNil

      I approve of the riding jacket. 🙂 What do you ride?

    • yvonneost12

      Nice bird , he needs a bigger cage and a lot more toys ,that cage is really
      sad for a grey , ideal for a cockatiel though LOL .Mine has so many toys in
      and out of his cage he’s never not busy , and said good morning this
      morning for the 1st time woohooo it’s only took 5 months …how old is your
      bird ? mine is about 7 months old now. They are just like having a pesky
      kid 24/7 a lot of work and patience ,40 yrs of keeping parrots and I have
      never come across one that needs as much dedication as a Grey.

    • Shakirah Sharifah
    • Rey Rodarte

      That ringtone was spotmom

    • Ethan Williams

      that ringtone he did was spot on.

    • Mojean Steak

      He is absolutely adorable

    • Emil Warren

      “its not oppan its oppa” yes. because this song obviously means ‘brother
      gangnam style’

    • Bl4ckDmon

      3:02 k now that’s sacred me….

    • Keith Kemper

      He never says Sexy lady lol

    • becki strudwick

      my parrot loves this vid

    • Smithtss

      wtf 0:50

    • Rey Rodarte

      Spot on*

    • Billie Pitts
    • Mitsuyopicou Picou

      Your African grey, he so smart & observing, I love bird like that!!!!

    • TheJohanNorway

      Does parrots smell?

    • nicole ferreira

      our african greys got the same cage just in black

    • Jay jh 1993

      lmao. i have the samsung ringtone. did it just mimic it one day from
      hearing it to much?

    • SuperNaughtynerd

      I love him :3

    • Crystal Rhodes

      1:56 you can see the person in the tv reflection i dont think the bird was

    • GX Abdull

      o.O samsung message rington :O SO CUTE 😀

    • Mandrake Wolf

      XD he tried singing gangnam

    • Masterkickyokid


    • Shania Felton


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