2 replies to "African grey parrot strange sounds"

    • Ellen Dunsmore

      Also, her cage is really very small and she has no toys to play with or chew on. African Gray parrots are big chewers, and your bird has absolutely nothing to chew on. She also only has 1 perch in a tiny cage…I hope you let her out of that awful, boring cage for at least 4-6 hours a day.

      Your parrot is in breeding cycle and because she is bored and confined to a small cage, she is going crazy! You need to learn how to keep an African Gray happy and healthy. If you get her a larger cage with a lot of toys, lots of things to chew on, many different perches to stand and climb on, you let her be free outside of her cage at least half the day, feed her a healthy diet, and make sure she goes to bed when the sun sets and is not exposed to light after the sun sets (and she sees it set), THIS BEHAVIOR WILL STOP COMPLETELY!

      Your bird is miserable, and I feel horribly sorry for her…

    • Ellen Dunsmore

      Really, really hormonal…

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