African Grey Parrot scolds dog for barking

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    • James

      I must get a parrot one day…

    • Dawnea Schollmeyer

      I had a timneh african grey I sure miss him, it sounds like you snap your
      fingers before you tell your dog to lay down. It is a sound the bird makes
      before saying lay down to the dog. lol

    • omggmoney

      That is awesome!

    • TheTommorowVideos

      aww so cute!

    • mike212916

      the more attention the less plucking, i like your cage.

    • Brenda Underhill

      Also Avianbiotec has a test you can do your self sometimes plucking is a
      sign of a disease that they can transmit to your other birds

    • Creeper Plays Videogames

      0:06 – 0:27 spider parrot spider parrot hes a cute spider perrot

    • 0xXSilentSandsXx0

      Lay down *Head Bob* lol

    • ryenstein1

      does ur bird bite alot becouse mine is nice to me but hates me mum

    • MelissaFlipski

      What is her name?

    • uLtImAtEsHiNeElOvEr

      @mommy4jesus88 oh that’s a relief, thanks for the information, I believe I
      am in a good condition of staying home, and I’d like to gfet one as a baby,
      so it can grow to like my family and I. But hopefully i can find a cheap
      baby in my community… I was at Petsmart today, and saw the African Grey
      guide plan (I guess thats what you can call it?) saying it needs 2 hours of
      minimum interaction. Which I believe I can do!! I cannot ever leave a bird
      in it’s cage the whole day! Thanks a lot!!!

    • InvaderSpongeBob

      Please. Teach him to say giggidy.

    • FishDontBlinq

      @mommy4jesus88 That is crazy my friend’s mom had an African Grey and an
      abused Blue Faced Amazon she saved.

    • NymphetamineRx

      How cute! My CAG also plucks in much the same places as your baby. They’re
      such amazing animals. XD

    • ennui406

      He needs to work on his grammar – it’s LIE down

    • Hammer61

      lady:ur silly bird says to self: wow she just did not say that to me did she

    • hadialam1

      That is exactly the same with my bird. I have a sulphur crested cookatoo
      named Ricky. He loves me but he screams and runs away from my mum!

    • bbfgymnastqpp

      bird-,Lay Down!, now i dance for my earned victory, -nodding and dancing

    • pittielove

      this dog has been watching Dog whisperer!

    • Lawrence Kavanagh

      God bless lovely caring angels like you . . . :)x

    • Azalea Mist

      Could your bird use some more toys? She is cute though!

    • l0veshine

      it looks like she’s in a better home now, she’s very cute 🙂

    • S Song

      omg Ive neevr seen a parrot speaking so clearly before. How did you teach

    • Callum Plant

      Reminds me of an african grey we had when i was like 4-5 but i loved him so
      much, the poor guy got aerosaculatis (sever raspatory infection, he caught
      it from a the pet shop. Age 4) and passed away 2 days after christmas. Its
      the last time my family bought any bird from a pet shop. I still miss the
      little guy. Never forgotten,loved forever, Pablo the african grey and
      cassie the green cheaked conure.

    • serpentinecreature

      Sounds likea man’s voice coming out of that parrot! Wow!

    • Stacy Willoughby

      She is beautiful in spite of her plucking. And knows so many words! Smart
      bird. Wonderful companion. I really love her, plucking or not.

    • angiecat barretthanson

      I’m so sorry about your bird! We had one but had to give her to some other
      lady because her bird died and my parents felt bad! I loved my bird! We
      named her Sunny because she lit up our house with happiness! Never
      forgotten still missed and loved!

    • Brandon Torres

      This is incredible

    • singldad39

      I know that look, she wanted to get onto your shoulder. I still visit my
      ex-girlfriend’s African grey and for almost two hours that’s all she wants,
      just to be on my shoulder and preen her feathers. I may not love the
      girlfriend any more, but I still love the bird. In fact I still bring her
      new toys all the time. 😀

    • Hunter McCormick

      i like how he bobs his head im trying to teach my african gray that

    • provanost

      Our CAG has the same house! So cute!

    • McXombiGuts

      my grandpa has one of them the name is otis

    • Kennedy Smith

      lol its so random randomits an awkward silence then hi

    • Royal Marescott

      He made a snapping sound with his mouth lmaoo

    • 2802danny

      scruffy bird but funny

    • Volkovic7013

      African Greys are notorious for being able to almost perfectly mimic a
      persons voice. Great for sneaking out of the house, replaces the Ferris
      Bueller recorder trick lol

    • ChexMexStudios

      1:07 “lay down” *cute little dance*

    • Brooke Jaye

      “Did you tell me to lay down?” Parrot: *nodding* EHEEHEEEHEHE

    • thefonz003

      My parents have an African Grey, and he calls both dogs and the cat by
      name. None of them ever come to him, but it doesn’t seem to deter his

    • mohamed abraar

      yes, watching videos, made me get one, and after 1 yr i dont know what
      happend, my apartment is a small zoo, and now owning a pet shop, all my
      college years gone to waste.

    • Maiden Of Wolves

      I can’t believe no one else noticed that the parrot’s also mimicking the
      lady snapping her fingers just before… Amazing!

    • jaguar24659

      Peanuts are dangerous to feed. They are known to cause Aspergillious
      infection in parrots. I used to feed my Grey these until I found this out.
      Doesn’t matter if they’re human grade or not. Please switch to another nut.
      I give a few different ones, but peanuts are off the list after a few Greys
      of friends got sick and the vet said the infection came from the peanuts.
      Please look this up. More toys, too! Preening toys, and a vet check to make
      sure it’s not illness.

    • Volkovic7013

      LOL even does the snapping sound before. Snap, Lay down lol awwww

    • Emma TheMuffin

      😮 I have that same cage

    • castincutie83

      She is so gorgeous! I have a male that I rescued and he was so poorly
      mistreated that he just about looked like a bald chicken when I got him,
      now though omg hes beautiful finally growing back feathers and easy to
      handle when before you couldn’t pick him up. He still has some recovering
      to do but the work with him has been so successful and I love him more then
      I could ever describe, Greys are amazing and with the love and time they
      can become your best friend!

    • moni130508

      that bird is such a poser lol

    • tornadoe13

      her feathers seem a bit scruffy. Is she molting? Nice cage BTW just what a
      parrot needs

    • Jose Vilchez

      Step up

    • dcbake

      0:40 is when he tells the day to lay down.

    • Gabriel Barron

      :44 *snap* lay down!

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