Here is our African Grey Parrot, Sammy, helping us discipline our little dog, Dharma.

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    • AddDude23

      so do these bird actually understand what they say, cause i was told that
      my friend knows a guy that calls his bird and asks it if its ok and it says
      yea im fine, and their house caught in fire and it was yelling OMG get me
      out of here

    • riosmic

      I want one sooooo bad

    • metacarpied

      ROFL. My african grey is always trying to tell my dogs to sit in very stern
      voices, or to “come here” etc. Pretty much anything I tell me dogs Winston
      (my parrot) repeats it. xD

    • Mike Larsen

      the trippiest thing is he uses our voices, not just the words. my wife
      walks in and he says hello in her voice, i walk in and he says hello in

    • jam1037

      Your a dork!

    • Plysdyret1

      That parrot is good!!!

    • K00rihi

      OMG…this is creepy yet awesomely cool!

    • Mozart1997

      Great fun.

    • Sage Toucan

      I may be young, but my entire life has been devoted to learning and
      educating myself about the world, so I’ve done plenty of reading from both
      liberal and conservative points of view. And I certainly don’t think I know
      more than most adults or my parents. My parents are very intelligent people
      and I’m incredibly grateful to them for all that they’ve done. I do,
      however, think I know more than someone who says that they used to hate
      Jews and foreigners and teaches their parrot racial slurs.

    • GPStines

      I don’t mean to make you jealous, but my family was driving and on of these
      african grey parrots flew and fell down in someones yard, so we get to keep

    • funnyman1995103

      @AddDude23 not all the time you can teach a parrot to say what you allway
      want them to say ex at a pet store theres a parrot that always say the same
      answer to a question and if you tell him to laugh he’ll laugh idk how to
      train one but a friend of mine does

    • Schwarz2448


    • katiebird317

      @flygon4life Apparently, you’ve never actually heard of an African Grey
      before.. They can live past 60 years and, if nurtured, have the
      intelligence of a 3-4 year old. They can read, add, subtract, and
      understand the concept of “self.” They are amazing animals.

    • Scott Beije

      LOL get in yur kennel …. my girl friends aunts african grey calls there
      dogs too …. and says earnhardt will burn that ass …. and mimics the
      phone ringing and clicking on perfectly ….

    • sam s

      PLEASE teach it to say “HELP, they’ve turned me into a parrot!!”

    • jreily88

      That laugh was almost evil sounding, sort of like the Joker’s from Batman.

    • vicki12078

      Get in the kennel get your #ss out of here LOL Thats an awesome Bird…

    • berryford

      lol epic bird

    • Lisimal

      Is that Phil Collins in the background?

    • EastCoastPrinCeSS

      He was just repeating what he heard them yelling at the dog. stop being a
      know it all. That bird isn’t even mean OR nasty he’s just yelling at the
      dog, because the owners obviously have to yell at it. I don’t really even
      LIKE birds but he could be the sweetest thing and yet you say he’s going to
      end up dead or worse. Everything ends up dead, DUH. But to say he’s like,
      knowingly acting like an asshole, is a really stupid remark.

    • OmegaPrimate

      LOL The sneezing!! And someone gets hurt or drops stuff around him!
      Gawdamn!! lol

    • Veronica Shiley

      Awe hahaha I have been wanting an African Grey for quite sometime now.. How
      much do they cost?? The cages I heard from this guy who has one said a rly
      good one is about $1500-$2,000 but never told me how much the parrot itself

    • tonywnj

      Did you guys work with him or did he just start talking? I have a 16 month
      old grey that I think is just trying to say hello. If you click my link I
      only have two vids. If you have time could you look and tell me if that’s
      what she is doing? I also would appreciate any suggestions on coaxing her
      to talk. Thanks man. I linked this vid to my facebook page and people are
      just as astounded.

    • Mike Larsen

      he speaks very clearly in my voice. fools my wife all the time as he
      immediately answers “no” to every question she asks me from the kitchen.
      I’ve missed out on dozens of sandwiches and drinks, etc. because she will
      come into the office with something for herself and ill ask where mine is
      and she’ll say you told me no when i asked. he’s not a parrot, he’s a turkey

    • ashley dawn

      i cant get enough of this video i have watched it several times your bird
      cracks me up

    • Lou Skunt

      Wow that bird is smarter than the entire GOP! Ok sorry it was to easy.

    • Calmbluewaters

      @tonywnj for the things that I’ve taught my guy I just repeat what I want
      him to say over and over again, although many times he just decides he
      likes something and will pick it up on his own. He “knocks” on the door, I
      had xmas bells up 2 years ago and he still makes that clanging noise. Be
      patient, she’ll start talking, and making all kinds of noises that will
      probably leave you wondering where she heard it or what it is.

    • Mike Larsen

      truth be told, he gets that from me playing video games not from yelling it
      at the dogs. he gets the get in your kennel from the dogs and just put it
      all together himself. he makes up some whacky but relevent conversation

    • n betan

      It’s funny that he has an emotional tone when he talks. Its like he tunes
      in more when you sound angry or frustrated. Sammy has the best enunciation.

    • AudioInklined

      I want a talking bird to take care of so bad!

    • tonywnj

      @lefty5string Again thanks for the advice. LOL I’m sure if or when it
      happens I’ll be coming back telling you how right you were. I met a guy who
      has a grey. He told me that he couldn’t wait and couldn’t wait for the grey
      to start talking. Then he said I’m still waiting for it to shut the hell
      up. It messes with his dog a lot. He said he thinks he may have to put the
      dog in an institution, because his dog hasn’t been the same since. HAHA

    • Sage Toucan

      Also, I think all the news networks are jokes. I get my news from the
      newspaper. And I find it a bit hypocritical that someone who watches Fox
      News believes that I should watch an unbiased news network. As for Barack
      Obama, I don’t know if he will save our country, but I do have confidence
      in him, and he’s certainly doing a better job than McCain could have done.
      I just think Obama’s trying too hard to please everyone.

    • Robb Banks

      Get your ass outta here, now!

    • BlackNightWolf88

      haha loved it

    • seeley69

      haha birds are so funny

    • Abostic

      is its noise riped of or is that the far 🙁

    • Tin a

      It’s soooo cute when it sneezed ! I wished u showed us the dog. 🙁

    • Mike Larsen

      @calmbluewaters yes it is amazing how they can make up their own statements
      that actually make sense using unrelated words or phrases they know.
      nothing mimicry about that!

    • demmylowther

      I have no clue what you are referring to. If it is something I wrote months
      and months ago,the common sense thing to do is first mention what you are
      responding to ! If it has something to do with my bird disliking Obama,I
      have no control over what he say’s.When I was interested in buying him,he
      himself asked me if I was a Liberal Democrat who voted for Barack Obama. I
      told him “NO WAY” I’m a patriotic American,I’m Republican ! He then
      sighed,and shouted out,THANK GOD,I’M GOING TO A GOOD HOME:)

    • demmylowther

      Another thing,if I knew you were only 18 I wouldn’t of wasted my time. You
      know nothing about life,the real world,and how hard it is to live. You are
      wet behind the ears,and think you know more then your parents,and all grown
      ups in general. PAH-LEEZE ! If you think Barack is someone who will get
      this country back from the brink of disaster you need to do some
      reading,and not from some liberal points of view,or from watching
      CNN,MSNBC. I would suggest a balance.But you already know everything !

    • guestwho789

      Your response just proves my point. One doesn’t have to be a “tree hugger”
      to know how to treat others.

    • Trent Massey

      Wow that is hilarious.

    • fannoj

      mostly when parrots talk they talk with that strange voice because that is
      how the humans talk to them. granded they cant 100 % reblicate the sound,
      but if you talk with a normal voice to the parrot you will get a much more
      normal responce from the parrot. i am not saying this is true of false as i
      have no way to know that. but i am trying to say that normaly when persones
      talk to parror they chagne the voice to sound more parrot like. but the
      parrot will also copy that, so just talk normal

    • tonywnj

      This bird sounds like a grown man. Absolutely astounding. I wasn’t looking
      at the screen at the captions. I thought it was a man yelling..

    • Milly Bea

      hahaha ! Cool parrot !

    • Robot386

      Love it! Its crazy how these birds can copy an owners voice! Thx for sharing

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