Zeke, a talkative African Grey parrot has breakfast with me and reads the newspaper. Disgusted with the news, he thinks we should impeach Bush and then maybe go to Starbucks.

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    • Joe Anderson

      Time for me to teach Zeke to day Impeach Trump.

    • Zoe Hughes

      smart happy birdie ?

    • Ihnanna

      Got some reactions out of my green cheek. His name is Starbuck. ?

    • ronjonsurf39

      my girlfiends dad has one of these he is hilarious. he always tries opening his beer bottles

    • projectfitamerica

      HaHa! I guess you've met my bird. He's all you said PLUS many more, including a can opener with an attitude and a rock and roll fan.

    • Roy Kressman

      I love all of his sound effects! African grey parrots simply amaze me in thier ability to make sound effects (diffrent vocal cord arangement must be why), something a human cant do.

    • Shirley Williams

      Yes, but he goes to the edge of the table and poops on a newspaper laid out on the floor. He doesn't poop on the table. In the morning when I bring him out of his small sleeping cage, he says, "Go poop" and poops on a newspaper I hold under him.

    • Mohammad Awamleh

      doesnt he poo when out cage

    • Gina D.

      My CAG mimics my answering machine too and says "leave a message"

    • Schwarz2448

      bush was a great president. We should impeach obama for just being plain stupid

    • erra404

      I like the phone ringing sound. It sounds very real.

    • H Jones

      Who's Bush? Why not Tree? or Shrub?

    • Tracy Griffiths

      What a beautiful bird.
      Did I hear "impeach Blair" in there?

    • Recon9143

      Mine says "Who Gets The Ladies?" "I Do" "I Do" lol

    • TheLogicJunkie

      Best parrot ever.

    • Shirley Williams

      Thanks. My favorite African Grey on YouTube is 4zebird – This Grey is named Einstein (but not the one seen on television) and he really is brilliant! My parrot has learned a lot from watching him.

    • Shirley Williams

      Zeke's an Congo and he weights 500 grams (17.64 ounches). I've read the they range in weight from about 380 – 550g. He learns new words all the time, and stops saying things he is bored with. Since he tasted pumpkin pie he loves to say "Bite? – piece of pie."

    • Einstein Parrot

      I love his demands for Starbucks and the Sneezing fits!!!

    • lillysmum

      My amazon loves this video. She tries to communicate when she hears it…she says can i kiss that beak? lol

    • Sadiya Durrani

      omg.. do u run for ur phone when he does that? hahaha

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