Our African Grey Parrot, Zephyr, doing his new R2-D2 noises. He also replies to “O-H” “I-O” at the beginning after cleaning his nails. Slow start until 0:25 or so, but then it picks up. You’ll also hear his “hello” and “Hi Zephyr” mumble.

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    • kazmin miller

      We should make out man

    • Peter Byron


    • Oakabay Arizona

      0:35 for an awesome chicken noise!

    • jazzinzealot

      @TSLittleMermaid Awesome to hear! He’s learning the Indiana Jones theme
      now, but still does R2 regularly 😀

    • Jesus Contreras

      way to have shit laying in the background, it helps me hear your beard

    • SkeptikSnarf

      when you make a video, mute the damn tv

    • Berokymilk

      ¡Apaga la pinche tele, güey!

    • Tiamat Michelle Hart

      Wow; this is the best R2-D2 avian I have yet heard, and that is a
      surprisingly hotly-contested field!

    • fuuby

      excuse me sir, your bird is insane.

    • jazzinzealot

      Yes he did start to sing the chocobo song, he’s picked that up since then
      🙂 He also does the Chocobo *WARK* noise thanks to a text message alert 😛

    • karlass88

      Why do I always end up watching parrot videos?

    • MotoVin

      Make another one with the TV off 😉

    • kundalinipsych

      Good — — but this budgie is better! : watch?v=C27sfcbfuGM&sns=em peace

    • Darkghost41


    • jazzinzealot

      @bm5447 He’s about 2 1/2 now, and this was about a year ago. Got him pretty
      darn young from the breeder, so it’s been a blast thus far!

    • MeowMyMix87

      That guy reminds me of Tony from skins lol.

    • MotoVin

      I wish you would have turned the TV off :/ Perfect video otherwise.

    • ChainedWorld

      Do you wear ear plugs when he talks on your shoulder? I have to wear one
      with my bird.

    • OoIveyoO

      Do you have a girlfriend ?? :X

    • jazzinzealot

      The TV was on because we had just moved down to a new home, and he wasn’t
      comfortable yet. I tried it without the TV and he would get camera shy, lol.

    • 2Kazoo

      That’s extraordinary!

    • FirebirdDude

      AWESOME!!! I taught my old parakeet to make lightsaber noises as he ran
      around with a feather and to say, “Don’t underestimate the force” and “I
      have you now” both in Darth Vader’s voice! God I miss that bird.

    • donna33wil

      bird is brill 🙂 turn tv down ty please x

    • SteinerneReiter

      How do you have an eardrum left after making this video? O.o

    • HaloHounds

      To much starwars lol

    • jazzinzealot

      @mamushi72sai5575 Not sure what you’re talking about. At what time?

    • mamushi72sai5575

      what is on the bird’s shoulder?

    • Hiram Ramirez


    • azuredivina

      he’s awesome!! 🙂

    • bm5447

      How old is he? Awesome Grey!

    • Betty Davis

      I love your bird, very cool! 🙂

    • IcyTicey99

      Did she start to sing the Final Fantasy Chocobo song there at the end?

    • mamushi72sai5575

      @jazzinzealot from 00:1 to 1:53

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