Grey Parrots (Psittacus erythacus) foraging and flying in Cameroon, Africa. To help save wild grey parrots, please support us by clicking on the DONATE button and learn more about what we’re doing for these birds at:

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    • John Hiram

      This is how I like seeing parrots. free.

    • Jet Lee

      They are probably protected like eagles and illegal to shoot..

    • bucca2

      Daww. I’m glad capturing wild birds is illegal now.

    • Emilio Camacho

      were is all the timnhee

    • Angelika Schwertner


    • biggles4441

      poor ikkle parrots theyve got no xfactor no mcdonalds no ipads not HD tv,s
      its such a sad situation…not even twitter

    • RadekCrazy1

      Ctrl+c and Ctrl+v

    • suzie s

      wow so many at once

    • Valentin

      African Grey Parrots in the Wild

    • BlamefulEye36

      Not to sound racist but all them parrots look the same!!

    • Patrick Nelson

      i like parrots but i belive its better for them to be with their own kind
      in nature, they can actually talk to each and they can fly like a boss

    • Mark Susskind


    • kabeer hussain

      I can’t wait to get a cockatoo i was gonna get a African but I prefer a


      Guys… i am gonna buy an African Grey for 500$..he is one year old …do
      you think it is too much for this bird

    • Bart Coppens

      Tamed parrots can get lost and fly away, but not because they intentionally
      want to fly away. Usually they are scared by all the new impressions of
      being outside and alone, and fly off because they’re scared. This usually
      repeats itself until the parrot is hopelessly lost and can’t find it’s way
      back anymore. Although it’s true that they have not been domesticated, it
      doesn’t mean they don’t want to stay with their owners. In the wild they
      don’t fly away from the flock too, do they!?

    • mspurple911

      hey i have a parrot lyk dat

    • Elvenking71

      These birds are so beautiful.

    • GallantMind

      Wow, they are all beautiful.

    • GreenWolf628

      $7000 each in AU dollar

    • thundercats1988


    • JordanChan7E

      that over there costs a lot

    • Luke Flierl

      Omg I would of try’s to catch one that’s like 100,000 $ right there

    • junbh2

      In one sense he probably doesn’t ‘care’, since he’s likely never known any
      different. But when you consider the natural athletic abilities of a bird
      like a parrot, and the enormous 3-d world they’re designed to navigate and
      understand and soar through, it does make me wonder if we’re doing right by

    • BlamefulEye36

      Ok my question is why aren’t there any Timneh African Grey’s just Congo’s??

    • 78656imran


    • سلطان الشيخي

      Holy crapp

    • Molly Williams

      @cutietwo22 You purchased a wild bird. African Greys can be handled until
      they’re tame and, like lizards or snakes, can get used to living in
      captivity through generations of keeping them in captivity. They are,
      however, not domesticated animals like dogs or cats. If you traced back the
      birds yours is descended from you would discover that it comes from birds
      that came from African Greys poached from the wild. It is a big industry
      and you’re helping to fund it through buying an African Grey.

    • Chirostenotes

      @210482fmj Nope. Captive birds are totally fine as long as they are loved,
      like dogs and cats.

    • SpreadingTruths

      When you see things like this, it makes you realize that the Earth is a
      priceless treasure in the universe. It’s the only planet we know of thus
      far that has such an awesome display of life.

    • Rick Gillespie

      @TheSanjaya1976 Actually we are steeling their home too! 160,000 to 227,000
      sq mi of the Amazon Rainforest’s gone. I have an Amazon Parrot. If we can’t
      stop them from taking their home at least we can take them in and care for
      them. For the most part I agree with you but I have a strong bond with our
      rescued Amazon from a drug dealer and she definitely would NOT be happier
      in her natural habitat because it’s not their anymore. Just something to
      think about.


      holy shit thats alot of parrot

    • nyc15mdel

      @Sa3bAnSaK هل نتحدث عن الطيور

    • altispinex86


    • TheTRENTmusic

      There is a brand new lambo worth of birds right there

    • Abby Schneider

      They are such beautiful birds.

    • Nisreen Ahmed


    • Kevin Mason

      i wish i was there

    • hockeystar35789

      thats about 40,000 dollars right there

    • PhantomNerifes

      now we teach them human language as wild birds. the whole african continent
      will be annoyed!! muahahahahaha!

    • tekanaa121

      Nice view

    • drsocc

      @gmaureen It depends on the bird. Amazons for example would rather climb
      and hop around than fly and ostriches are limited to running just like
      humans weren’t born to hang around in trees all day. Avians are enormously

    • Emilio Monsalve

      Your so smart and hes dumb

    • Carla K

      There should be no caged animals. Birds or otherwise.

    • ku888100


    • metaljar02

      @anthonyblyth87 we used to live in the wild aswell..

    • Davejimjr

      probably like hundreds of thousands of dollars worth flying around :O i
      know theyre not cheap if you get 1 for a pet

    • sephirothXJaime

      what. in CA there are $1K.

    • hocking32

      my maxi loves this video =)

    • EatMySchwartz61

      @Wombatius123 I forgot to mention i have him on a leash…haha

    • angelfly168

      Wow, this is amazing!!!!

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