African Grey Parrot (Red) yells at noisy cockatoo (Gabby) with the one cuss word he knows. All he wants is for her to BE QUIET!

For those commenting cage sizes, these are travel cages. It was Christmas and we were not at home. As you can see, they were out of the cages most of the time anyway. My birds all have cage appropriate (or bigger) cages at our home, but if I am home, they are out.

Sadly, Gabby passed away in Sept 2013 unexpectedly and Red, after a 15 month battle with an untreatable illness, passed away on January 3, 2013. I miss both of my babies very much, but I am glad they are together.

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    • Becky Seip

      I am quite unhappy. Vin de bona Productions has claimed ownership on this
      video, due to a mistake in submitting it to their show. I am fighting this
      because I own it, always have and always will and taking the money I make
      off this video to use for themselves, when I am disabled and need every
      penny is pretty bad. I called them as soon as I realized what must have
      happened, but their bottom line is the most important thing. I hope they
      make the right decision and void the contract that was unwittingly signed
      (I can’t even be sure I’m the one who did it because I certainly don’t
      remember doing that and would NEVER do that). 

    • Becky Seip

      Please share and make viral, again. AFV had taken copyright ownership and
      we have lost 2 months of income from not having this video. I had it
      private, so they would not make money off of it while it was in dispute, so
      I need to get it spread around, again! All money goes to the care of the

    • Viktor D

      You must be a horrible cook if your parrot learned fire alarm sound lol

    • just call me Ellen

      From how the parrot sounds someone sets the fire alarm off often

    • janeyrevanescence12

      Reminds me of my friends’ African Grey parrot, Smoky. Smoky’s favorite
      thing to do is to get the Quaker birds chirping and chattering, get them
      all riled up and when they hit a fever pitch he screams “SHUT UP!!!”

    • Brandon Boudreaux

      “Shut up!….. SHiit!”

    • Snow Puff

      XD I wonder where the parrot learned to say “Shit…Stop it!…Shut up!…”
      From an exasperated owner fed up with the screeching? Reminds me of a
      parrot telling his lady owner “Helen!…Get off the phone!…Who is
      it?…Who are you talking too?…Damn it! Get off the phone!” as modeled by
      the woman’s ex-husband.


      God, what an annoying sound!, sounds like a reverse truck

    • Brandon Whitcomb

      RIP Birds. You will be missed

    • Sherlock

      I laughed and than almost fell over when he made the noise himself, got her
      to do it, then told her to shut up. 

    • Merlin Narwhal

      Did you have a lot of trucks or construction around your house? Those
      noises, the beeps and screeches, sounds like trucks?

    • Amanda Thomas

      Does your smoke alarm constantly go off???

    • mizundeadjoker

      I love how the grey starts doing the beeping at the end and then as soon as
      the cockatoo joins in its “shut up” 

    • Amanda Ruppe

      Those birds are a riot!

    • ninjastudent333

      AHAHAH~! that was awesome ahah~

    • eLeCtRoToT

      emagine hearing that at 6 o clock in the morning lol

    • Kaltiaem

      Lots of undeserved hate on this video. These guys are hilarious! So sorry
      for your loss, I’m sure it was hard.

    • Ban Juu

      Lol it sounds like a truck going backwards 

    • Magnus Webb

      After 0:40 I thought the cockatoo was going to tell the grey to shut up.

    • DefilerWyrm

      Red: *makes noise*
      Gabby: *makes same noise*
      Red: SHUT UP

    • Rudy Concepcion

      That one grey parrot sounds more like a smoke alarm xD!! Truly an annoying
      sound lol. 

    • DareBear1226

      They’re like siblings smh

    • Windy Moore

      So sorry Becky for the loss of your babies. Kind of shocking to hear that,
      as in this video they looked and acted great. Seemed happy and in perfect
      feather condition.

    • leeveraction

      🙁 You lost both birds in within 1 year? Any idea of the environmental
      cause? Both look happy here.

    • Babyhowdy233

      OMG that poor parrot! If I had to listen to that nose all day I’d get
      ulcers too!
      The noise that Gabby is making sounds exactly like the noise from my wall
      when it’s alerting you that it’s finished cooking.

    • Tw Tra

      His using a board for the noise

    • latias channel

      it know shhh and shit and stop it and shut up and more

    • Angela Barry

      Awe I used to have a blue/gold macaw named Magoo and an umbrella cockatoo
      named Freddy, Every morning when I would come home from work and Freddy did
      loud noises Magoo used to yell “Shut up, shut up….shut the f@#k up!”

    • you tube 425

      shit this bird is funny.

    • Lazy Lime

      I know a like will do nothing to help your pain, but you can have one
      I have had many pet birds over the years, budgies, canaries, and loads
      others. I had a red rump parakeet who just died completely out of the blue
      only this year, and it still hurts to think about him. I hope you and your
      new birds are doing ok!

    • Captain Stack

      I’m very happy you captured this video and shared it with the world. It’s
      very sad to see these birds so full of life and to know that they didn’t
      live long after this video. But I think it’s very noble to share how
      intelligent these animals are and how strong their personalities are.

    • TheRainbowfiedDKitty

      I know the feeling with people that Red was trying to tell Gabby quiet xD

    • Jen T

      You must burn dinner a lot. lol. They sure know the sound of the fire

    • Arthurine Mayberry

      Thank you for posting, these had me laughing out loud for sure. I love
      these beautiful babies & i am so saddened for your loss. I am owned by my
      African Grey Congo and I love her to the moon & back. They are such
      intelligently bright and smart beings. A joy to have. 

    • On the map

      Cruel leaving birds in cages.

    • Hen Dancer


    • Moises Alfonso

      Shit shut up stop it lol

    • leijai


    • Sheila Huggins

      My grey tells my Moluccan to “shut up!” (my voice) and “shut your pie hole”
      !! (My husband’s voice !!

    • Kik Thnk

      did he just say shit?

    • shannon duncan

      he sounds like the smoke alarm..

    • Siddhesh Gandhi

      very very nice video :)

    • Franklin Taylor

      Aww sorry for your loss Becky. I have what appears same two species Timneh
      African Grey and Medium Sulphur crested Cockatoo Eleanora. They are 15 and
      14. Had them almost all their lives however.

    • trikeira6ooo

      They must have alarms go off all the time :/ my cockatiel imitates our
      smoke alarm on occasion :P

    • Jessica Ogren
    • Jamie Scott

      Thats hilarious! I can’t stop laughing!!!

    • drb0mb

      rofl its imitating a smoke detector…

    • Cherry Summer

      I’m sorry for your loss, it must have been hard :c I just wanted to say
      when your african gray beeps like a microwave it’s adorable

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