This is Alex, the african grey parrot. Sadly he died in 2007 🙁 But this proves that there are many smart creatures out there. 😉

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    • Justus Busch

      Look at his feathers… Poorly treated bird. He died at 30, very young for
      an African Gray Parrot. God did not bring him… 30 years of psychological
      experimentation taught him how to speak. ‘I wanna go back’ probably means
      that he does not want to be shown off like this. If you give an animal
      intelligence, be sure to let it use it, not flaunt it like its a miracle.

    • PinPipe "BananaDolphins" The Third

      Bird brain isn’t an insult after all! People need to wake up and see the
      intelligence of some animals.

    • My_hat_is_Mayor

      OK so he’s not talking… He’s reciting words when he hears other things or
      picks up queues because he’s hooked on the crackers. WAKE UP PEOPLE THE

    • Jackson Berger

      “See you tomorrow, be good.”

      That’s the shit that makes me cry.

    • Jasperi Wirtanen

      “most smartest” that grammar.

    • iTube22100

      I can not watch this parrot with his wings clipped

    • Blaaargh333

      ‘Go pick up corn…’ I have never been so hysterical with laughter haha.

    • Ko-wing wong

      Its no wonder the parrot species has been around since the pre historic
      age, they are smart. S M R T.

    • Danielle Fontaine

      Understanding how other animals think is very important. Until the 1970s
      they would be dismissed as “dumb” animals. Knowing otherwise will
      hopefully adjust our attitudes towards animals and how we treat them and
      their habitats. We seems to only respect intelligence despite how lacking
      it can be in our own species. 

    • Abhinav Mittal

      cannot imagine how much pain everyday Alex had to fulfill human curiosity.

    • SupernaturalHunter28

      Okay! I’ve had enough of the negativity!

    • Matt Steiger

      Such a shame that Alex died so young. 31 is less than half of the average
      lifespan of an African Grey. 

    • John Fiebke

      Alex is smarter than most online commenters. 

    • Queen Arthurine

      Apparently, the person who titled this video isn’t one of the “most
      smartest” human beings ever…

    • Johnathan Duff

      The title is ironic because “most smartest” is wrong. It’s “smartest” or
      “most smart”.

    • Prutha A

      I wonder how???????…….

    • Northen Nord

      She murdered him because he couldnt recite the alphabet.

    • Australia4031

      The bond between animal and human transcends the species. Before
      industrialization humans understood and respected animals as wild
      companions. Alex learned our language. We should learn his.

    • Ben Hari

      Alex I love you, the true son of Africa.

    • Enzo 〔 ROAD TO 1000! 〕 NEW NAME

      This is really really sad

    • TurdlyFerguson

      “Most smartest”. Most YouTube title ever. 

    • Juanito Ermenegildo

      2:05 hahahahahahahaha Alex ordered her to pick up the corn xD

    • Tasha F

      lovely alex

    • Hazzardworks

      “most smartest” well done andy grammar

    • rhonda thompson

      that woman is a bitch he wanted to go back this bitch just didnt treat him
      very well

    • jtking2504

      So calling someone a bird brain is actually a compliment.

    • Rhys Foley-Rowan

      Liek if u cwy evwytiem… D’:

    • Alison Wase

      Watch and marvel!!! the power of love ; )

    • Rukitomiku Uzumaki

      he said, “i wanna go back.”, go back to where? :(

    • Isaac The Dragon Whisperer

      this woman is obsessive and insane, he’s plucked himself and is clearly
      stressed AND under-stimulated.

    • Diego Cordoba

      He is even more intelligent that you because you cant white most and

    • politicaltruth42

      Go pick up the corn bitch! 2:05

    • Victoria Aduko

      I wanna buy him.

    • Unicorn Lady (formerly archiecook55)

      This bird was amazing. :,( Those last words were so sad though…

    • Bash ript

      This is a wild animal that has been trained for hours, days, months,
      years.People need to understand that this is a rare exception and these
      creatures are the equivalent of small children.. meaning they require
      constant care and attention. Parrots in the wild are mated and rarely
      alone. If you are considering owning one of these wild creatures: Adopt
      one, but know what you are getting into. The rescues are overflowing with
      abandoned birds. 

    • NovaKid
    • Shattered Yo

      i cri evrytim ;( 

    • skaxcore77

      “go pick up corn” – no I’m not going to pick up the corn you threw… he
      was awesome

    • amazonparrotcoco

      Haters she proved bird should not be in cages. Read her damn book

    • Rebecca J

      Why does he look like he’s a stressed bird and keeps asking to go back? His
      voice is even pretty rough for a parrot. At petshops I don’t see birds that
      look this bad. Maybe from hoarders or abusers. But, no matter the age, they
      shouldn’t look this bad.

    • Jam Session

      “Go pick up corn” that is so funny! Made me LOL

    • LuvThoseLadies

      Anniversary of his death. I get misty when I see that advisory. He did all
      African Grey Parrots proud. My Grey Echo likes to mimic him. R.I.P. Alex
      the Great.

    • Gamer4672

      bad time to be cutting up onions…

    • Navybrat Buell

      He was overworked. He should have lived to 40-50 yrs.

    • john king

      pretty interesting i didn’t think birds have the ability to logically
      respond normally they have a set of responses that they’ve mimicked and
      throw it out there…but here he was able to mimic the trainer and respond
      logically to questions…let alone somewhat problem solve…amazing..

    • suzie s

      go pick up the corn lmao!

    • تماني 1992

      Alex I love you

    • J Salas

      Go pick up the corn, bitch

    • jrfoleyjr

      Our Grey is named Oscar Meyer and is very smart too. I love seeing these
      videos about other greys.

    • Giorgi Valashvili

      Умный попугай… Умеет говорить, различает цвета и произносит все
      правильно. Требует есть и пить когда захочет. В общем он умеет все

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