Amazon Parrot Talking Funny | Funny and Cutest Parrot Video

Maggie is an Amazon Parrot that talks like a human. She is the cutest parrot who claims that she saw a pussy cat. Does it remind you of the famous Disney Tweety bird? Meet this amazing Amazon parrot talking funny and cute in this short video.
She was born in Hawaii and her previous owner passed away. We are her new family and we are in so much love with this Amazon who is the cutest and funny and loving parrot, we couldn’t ask for more!
Hope you love Maggie as much as we do!

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💡 Produced by: Omar Arif @ Shanta’s Happy Kitchen
✍️ Edited by: Mokarroma Sharmin @Shanta’s Happy Kitchen
📷 Filmed by Mokarroma Sharmin @Shanta’s Happy Kitchen
ℹ️ Video Title: Amazon Parrot Talking Funny | Funny and Cutest Parrot Video
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