Lillian loves talking a lot after her shower.

    19 replies to "Amazon parrot talking like no other parrot."

    • Linda Gilbert

      Oh how precious.

    • Roxy Melor

      Beautiful creacion de ab a Yahweh (no Dios jehova erc ) exodo 3 Halleluyah shalom

    • Mary Vice

      man the lady is louder then the parrot, lol

    • bts pickle chin memes

      I miss my pet bird he died 😭😭💔❤

    • Val Willman

      WHAT A cutie!💞💋🐦

    • Yo Craze

      I had this parrot and he died like 3 years ago I miss him so much 😪

    • Cynthia Broyles

      Sweet girl 😊

    • Rhonda Boger

      How old is your parrot? At what age do you start training an Amazon parrot to talk?

    • Brigette Turner

      What a Beautiful Bird! Love the Green!

    • Billy File

      Oookk…. Am I missing something…?? Its talks just like any other Parrot does. Obviously some people in the comments have never heard a Parrot talk before.

    • Amber Blyledge

      And my Amazon currently hates my guts.

    • Neon Eon - Time for Randomness!

      Title: exists
      Me: reads it
      Me: Except Gotcha, Petra, Einstein, and Einstein. (There's 2 Einsteins)

    • Carol Stone

      I have a double yellow head Amazon

    • rosalie bastone

      Just amazing. Your parrot must bring a lot of smiles and laughs. Beautiful

    • Patricia Hall

      AWW. SO CUTE 🐦

    • Robert

      Every time he starts saying oh my darling oh my darling I keep waiting for him to say clementine but he just doesn’t make it !
      But all in all he’s pretty impressive with everything he’s capable of saying.

    • S Lee Sullivan

      O my darlin, O my darlin Clemen…O my darlin, O my darlin O my darlin Clemen…

    • Manuela Costa Lima

      Shame on the 436 people who gave this video a thumbs down! I bet they can't "speak parrot," but have the nerve to judge a parrot who speaks English better than a lot of people. Enjoy these wondrous creatures and be glad they can't read… yet!

    • Staci

      SO CUTE!!! you spent a lot of time with this bird!!! I used to have a cockatiel. He could talk some and was so fun to have.. I been thinking about getting another bird. Just can't decide if want another cockatiel or if I want a cockatoo or a parrot like this…

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