My three year old Greenwing annabelle loves to talk and has a pretty good vocabulary so far.

    11 replies to "Annabelle the Greenwing Macaw talking."

    • SHAMMA

      she's adorable ❤

    • Andrea Jimenez

      Your gorgeous baby is so chatty!!! I love it!!!

    • Robert Hasselmann

      A beautiful bird!

    • Linda Ditroia

      hope you still have your green wing.. I just bought a baby.. annabelle is adorable

    • joby7165

      She's definitely not lonely,she's just entertaining herself. My green wing Bella is still a baby so she doesn't talk that much yet but my severe macaw Sasha talks to herself all the time when I'm out of the room. Annabelle is without a doubt a happy girl!

    • Eden Roy

      What is she shouting? It sounds like "Phil"

    • Jeri Dem

      she is beautiful,love the way she talks.

    • Mark Edwards

      Haha, at least she is not shrieking at the top of her voice 🙂 Seems like a really happy bird though.

    • Hex

      omg she is adorable!  I have a Blue Throat and a Greenwing.  they are just great pets.

    • Jc Ruibal

      @isaiahreynolds not lonely … that bird talks because the owners talk to him/her. not because she sits alone all day.

    • TheFirstLegends Archive

      He seems lonely

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