Chloe the Hyacinth Macaw is a beautiful blue bird from Wildlife World Zoo.

    20 replies to "Arizona's Wildlife World Zoo brings by a hyacinth macaw parrot!"

    • TheLad

      It’s ikea bird #2

    • tanaf gt

      Aside from the beautiful bird that lady's voice sounds really sexy to me 😁

    • Bia rio

      She's having a major voice change loooool

    • Garfield Odie

      Yeah, very cute. The bird is also very nice.

    • Muhammad Farooq Malik

      Hyacinth Macaw may be beautiful but not beautiful than the handler. 😘

    • Metalman200xdamnit

      1200 lbs. of pressure? That bird looks it could open cans.

    • LovinqxTwizzler

      That’s a Lear’s macaw

    • Bilal Shah

      Expensive Bird….

    • simple_enigma

      Norwegian Blue. Lovely plumage.

    • Haze Da9

      she is so beautiful and sweet

    • Alex Turcios

      That's one big hyacinth Macaw. Big damn bird. I love birds by the way they're my favorite animals.

    • tres beatty

      Lmbo that’s punny “impeccable” 😂😂

    • معارج حسن

      It's the largest flying parrot, not the largest parrot! That honour belongs to Kakapo.

    • jthoen61

      Chloe is beautiful.

    • Terry Scott

      Theyre not the largest parrot in the world thsts tha kakapo

    • Bitter Truth

      SHe is bluey

    • Mark Cary

      That Walnut never had a chance. A true Wonder

    • raju m RAJU


    • Levi Ackerman

      her voice cracked a lot.. lmao

    • infinitecanadian

      What a beautiful, majestic, gorgeous creature; surely one of the Earth’s wonders. The parrot as well.

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