This Parrot Does NOT Shut The Hell Up

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    • DeadlyChinchilla

      Every bird has their shrieking days, even the 'best' of them. You're right, a lot of people don't put in what they should, but don't associate the bird making noise with some form of neglect. Birds live in a natural state of cacophony, with 100's of members all making noises at once. You can't expect them to be completely silent and good when put in a human home.

    • Dave Squires-Chown

      oh my god people, give the guy a break, you have absolutely no idea how the parrot is treated nor the condition of the cage, for all you know that could be a night cage or a spare one until another arrives. Dont make false assumptions its rude and uncalled for, and as for the parrot, i love my african grey dearly but yeah i too can get annoyed when she goes on and on, human nature, i dont love her any less, and wouldnt change her for the world =)

    • LittleMissPerfect08

      i agree the cage is too small on the vid but as the person below me said…he got a new cage !

    • Rhonda Johnston

      Poor Arthur,
      He needs toys, a larger cage, and you can see he's stepping up, and wants to be held.

      Please either improve his surroundings and treatment.

      I couldn't even finish watching this video, it's sad.

    • komoea

      parrots are very vocal, you should have known that before you purchased him. it appears you dont have a clue as to what a parrot needs, you are abusing him just by keeping him in that small cage. he also needs toys to be happy. get a clue

    • bassistonline12

      cage is way 2 small

    • deeroks1

      cage looks a wee bit small for that bird.

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