Atesh saying “ashkim” which means “my love” in Turkish.

    19 replies to "Atesh the Sun Conure talking"

    • Esila Kılınç

      yerim seni ne tatlı kuş ya ????????

    • Mesut Yavuz

      Bu cinsin türkçe adı nedir?

    • ma ta

      sevgilim askim 

    • Tanchus

      I have a sun conure her name is Ruca he loves to shit in my shirt and she wispers hi and yells Dance

    • mikeg642000

      I want one, are they hard to take care of?

    • mano bijili

      Aww that's such a cute bird. I love sun conures.

    • Catalyst Spark

      XD another coat invading conure. Mine loves to hitch a ride in the neck of my coats and jackets as well, but then again conures do tend to be snuggle loving birds, nice and secure right there.

    • KamiSilver

      Does she ever shit on your chest?

    • Lynn Reedy

      Thought he "TALKED" ???

    • Melanie Sanchez

      My sun conure like to stay under my sweaters to

    • siratlllppp

      istanbulda nerede bulabilirim hiç bir yerde satılmıyor heralde :(((

    • John C

      how did u you train your conure to stay in your sweater?

    • SusieLoveBeauty

      He is so adorable…I think I want a sun conure now lol

    • uppanadam74

      I think he likes it in her jacket cause her tits are nice and warm and comfortable!! LOL!!

    • Jess Moirben

      soooo cute!

    • Ufuk SELÇUK

      çok hoş yaa. kaç yaşında şuan ateş? Bende de aynısından var nerdeyse 1 yaşını geçti ama daha homurdanmadan öteye çıkamadık 🙂

    • Danny

      Best personality I've seen in a parrot =)

    • Prolonged Death

      my Sun Conure is boss. he flies around me when i ride my bike. plus i taught him to attack a.k.a. he bites peoples ears if i tell him to 🙂 yeye

    • La Vale

      he's like a child!!!!

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