Avis says, as clear as a bell in a tiny, cute voice, “Take a bath,” “Did you have a bath,” and “Go take a bath,” while bathing in the fountain.

    20 replies to "Avis The Talking Blue Crown Conure Talking While Taking A Bath In The Fountain! ©Karla K. Larsson"

    • ToonLinkTactics

      Reminds me of my blue crown… Jake was sweet. He liked to sit atop our heads.

    • saima naz

      So beautiful and cute.

    • Techition

      XD spiky wet bird!

    • Breanna J.M

      I didn't know conure's could talk, he is adorable!

    • Diego& Family

      How idorible

    • Rachel

      The wings could be clipped

    • Felecia Burgett

      You let your conure outside?…without a harness of any sort? …

    • Denise Rupert

      I have 2 green cheeked conures…they are so sweet. I'm going to have to get them a fountain now…lol. They take their bath in a pie pan…don't tell them about the fountain yet

    • Kathleen Cooke

      I can't believe I haven't seen this before!

    • Kathleen Cooke

      Adorable. My little girl says "ready to eeeaaat"

    • Cheeseman2271

      thats a really good quality picture haha

    • birdman bl

      What a gorgeous conure!!!

    • adventureswithash

      i have a blue crown too!!! hes my little man i love him so much 😀 he always does this!

    • MoriyaMug

      Wow. Gorgeous bird and amazing picture. What kind of camera did you use?

    • John3versesixteen

      Hi. I have enjoyed your video. I am looking into getting a blue crowned/ sharp-tailed conure as a pet. Would you recommend it? Any good/ bad points? Could you recommend any breeders in the UK? Thanks. Naomi. x

    • Keko2461


    • Corsair Carl

      OMFG It's Paulie! 😀

    • Karla Larsson

      @tellestlavie That's awesome. Then you know first hand how sweet and funny they are!

    • Karla Larsson

      @VMWgirl So sad when our beloved pets leave us. I sometimes cry when I think of life without Avis. He brings me such joy!

    • Karla Larsson

      @omelyfasol I was thrilled. It's a Canon Powershot S5 IS, not even a camcorder but a digital camera!

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