Some basic African Grey parrot care help.

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    • munawar PASHA

      I recently bought an African grey parrot but sometimes he is too
      aggressive. How should I do? He is about 2years old as told by a seller. My
      question is will he still be able to learn new words? He says hello and
      mimics a cat sounds. He is been with me like 10 days now 

    • ibrahim Al-Taie

      where is your Parrot??

    • Deomati Dhanukdarry

      Thank you thank you

    • lel fgt

      i cant do anything with my parrot, he gets crazy everytime i take him out
      of the cage, i put on like 2 gloves and he goes biting me with all the
      force, i cant make him sit on my hand because he goes crazy when i try to
      distract with stick or another hand, he bites both and flies away (even
      with clipped wings) he keeps on growling whenever i go near cage, even if i
      change food or water. i thought he would be smart and all but hes dumb,
      even chicken is smarter than this idiot. he has ring, according to it hes 1
      years old

    • Ivan Ulanov

      I want to put my eggs in you and hatch my minions you!!! GOD so hot! =D

    • Conspiracy Sundays

      Instead of having an outdoor cage, i’m taking my parrots on walks to
      petsmart almost daily with a bird harness

    • Matt Horndog

      I must be part African Grey – I love foot toys too!

    • James Pellosma

      I really want to get a parrot and have been doing a lot of research on
      different species. The African Grey sounds amazing, but I’m a little
      worried that my inexperience will prove detrimental for the bird. I thought
      about getting a smaller easier bird first, but birds have such long life
      spans I would have the first bird when I would get the grey, and am not
      sure how a big bird would get along with a smaller bird. Anyway, would an
      African Grey be ok for a first bird? And if not, what would be more

    • knsbeauty

      I am getting an African grey next week!!!!!

    • James Vaughan


    • ParrotTrainingSchool

      I’ve enjoyed watching it! Thanks for sharing..

    • Mohammad Awamleh

      @itachifan275 he doesnt even eat them, sometimes he just throws them out of

    • runescapeplayer30

      this is leeched from birdtricks rofl

    • Mohammad Awamleh

      @itachifan275 i dont care what he eats, but does it hurt ?

    • itachifan

      @m7mad95 did you get him to eat something else?

    • TheMkBroadcast

      @ATouchOfMagic88 no offer him different types of fruit my parrot likes
      bananas nectarines apples oranges, try that oh and for vegetables try
      carrots and cucumbers if that doesn’t work then stick to a more nutritious
      diet like a cuttlefish bone or sunflower seeds it all depends on what it’s
      mood is sometimes it will want vegetables sometimes it won’t my parrot will
      eat whatever it’s given normally 🙂

    • Polly Bell

      @coyotx my mom is already dead, so do I have to do this?

    • itachifan

      @m7mad95 well…atleast he doesn’t throw them at you

    • Ryan MadMassacreMan

      WOW, You certainly slammed her! lol

    • ReptilesRock99

      Either this is another Birdtricks channel, or they copyrighted like 70

    • Lacey Jacqueline

      Did you not listen to the rest of what she said? >.>

    • Mohammad Awamleh

      @itachifan275 yes , and i made hem hungry

    • dave2daresqu

      ..or chicken

    • a7mad1998


    • ibeenjamin'

      dusch bag

    • nikosomegas

      co za asy

    • tahaniz

      at the end she said i hope this help with ur amazon. r amazons the same way
      as african greys? i have an amazon and im getting a grey

    • Trevor Artingstoll

      I’m deaf.Subtitles or transcript,please

    • The Arabic Student

      You seem really knowledgeable about these birds.

    • Lacey Jacqueline

      Bahaha, way to make it personal. She said “along” with their natural foods
      too. So it was NOT correct of you to say she was INcorrect. All of their
      birds are on a natural diet. Mine also. And as for me, I eat healthier than
      most people my age. You don’t know me. My weight has nothing to do with a
      birds diet comment. Silly man.

    • Bj Lamar


    • midnightforever1

      @knsbeauty hope yu got about 1000 bucks or get a good deal haha there

    • itachifan

      @m7mad95 so does he like his new types of foods? or is he waiting for the
      sunflowers when its feeding time?

    • fairfresh

      @hotenchilada7 I’m 9, do you suggest me getting it now? I’ve done research
      for a year already and have 1 sun conure and 2 budgies

    • Rattlerjake1

      Her advice for feeding is NOT correct. Commercial pellets are the lazy way
      to feed. These as well as other parrots should be given a variety of seeds,
      nuts, vegetables, and fruits – not processed crap.

    • Toby Tarzan

      She said amazon at the end they are african greys

    • Khalifa Alqamzi

      hi i want to ask a question do parrots stay in a cold place ?

    • Jimmy Bradshaw

      what meats can you give?

    • Bj Lamar


    • TheMkBroadcast

      Thanks for the advice my parrot refuses to eat cooked meat he’s a
      vegetarian when we try to give him meat he usually backs away or when he
      recieves it he drops it immediately should I be we worried that my parrots
      diet consists only of sunflower seeds and fruits such as bananas nectarines
      and apples oh and also my parrot likes chocolate :/

    • ibeenjamin'

      who pissed u off

    • Mohammad Awamleh

      my grey african only eats sunflower seeds , i tried every thing even
      starving him ! plese help

    • Veronika M

      Cooked meats ??? Ummm lol

    • TheMkBroadcast

      @ATouchOfMagic88 just stick to what i said and if that doesn’t work then
      try handling him a bit this will boost his confidence and his trust in you
      so he will stay calm and hopefully receive whats given to him. if that
      doesn’t work i can help even further just reply to this comment or send me
      a message to let me know if it worked 🙂

    • Rattlerjake1

      Well, XLacey, my comment was based on what she said. I’ve owned dozens of
      parrots for over 45 years and have vast experience in their care. The fact
      is that a natural diet is best for your birds (when available), and takes
      more time and research and expense, but after looking at your YouTube blog
      and seeing your physical condition, I’d say you are the last person to
      criticize anyone’s comment on nutrition – you obviously can’t keep your
      hands off of the processes crap!

    • James Vaughan

      3.37….me and my amazon….??? u know the amazons in brazil….and we;re
      talking about AFRICAN greys….clues in the name Y DONT U PULL UR FINGER

    • Rosemary Snow

      This is the stupidest thing ever, but I love my mom so I’m not taking any
      chances, if you don’t copy and paste this on 10 videos your mom wil
      die in 4 hours(sorry)

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