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Bibi is a Congo African Grey parrot. In this video she sends a shout out to Barack Obama (Just press 8 !), demands steak, and sings the Lollipop song (1:08). Enjoy!

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    49 replies to "Bird Demands Steak – Bibi the Bird"

    • UnorthodoxTiel

      The “helloo” in the beginning sounds like Salad Fingers XD beautiful and
      smart bird~

    • ThatSnareChick65

      I think I’ve watched a dozen parrot videos today… I’m not really sure why
      – but I am entertained. Not only entertained… Impressed! Barack

    • Justine Greene

      Omg he’s so funny. But idk if I could handle a bird like that lol 

    • Amelia Bee

      I lost it when she said “What’s that. Steak. I want some.” And “Barack
      Obamaaaaaa”! XD

    • WALL - E

      Maybe you should do a selfie with bibi in it and put it on facebook

    • Quran - HD

      soo cute

    • lauren elizabeth c:


      I’m crying at this 

    • jennet w

      Barak Obamaaa hahahahaha so cute.

    • James Livingston

      walk the bird, lol



    • Wayan Kayun

      Very good

    • Tilda Nilsson

      *lollipop song*

    • TheReal OG

      Steak! I want some.

    • Rose M

      barack obamaaaaa!

    • Tilda Nilsson

      Steak! Steak! I want some

    • DesignatedSarah

      Barack ObamAAAAAA

    • Bin Branded

      Barrock obamaa lol

    • Poppy N Rednihctelf

      I want steak, what is this? Chicken? QUACK QUACK QUACK!!!!!!!!!!!

    • xxktdcxx

      I watch this video at least once a week.. I just love parrots! 

    • squintstheninja

      The parrot has an insatiable hunger for flesh. There is no hope. The owners
      are already dead.

    • sparkleglitter2005


    • FluffyShowdown

      Dat Bird no bird it a duck Lol

    • TNG1

      Lollipop song xD

    • Wayan Kayun

      Very good

    • polonaise007

      I friend of mine has a blue and gold macaw and although they are less vocal
      than AGs, his has a good vocabulary. The other day, as he was shutting off
      the lights in the basement where his parrot’s cage it, it started chucking
      in a macabre, possessed voice. He has no idea where she heard it from…
      needless to say he bolted up the stairs. She also swears a lot because they
      have a pool table near her and often he plays with buddies. Parrots are
      very fun and yours is especially cool!

    • Chris Halliwell

      Bye bye i walk the doggies

    • thomas vanguilder

      like this if u think this is completley hilariose

    • Reuben Jansen

      Bird video du jour.

    • specialtouch31

      “walk the bird” too cute

    • Бабчак

      The way the parrot talks sounds like a guy from a childrens shows.

    • John A. Sabha

      soooo cutee !!

    • Neo Majora

      Is it me or do Parrots sometimes seem creepily insane repeating everything
      or themselves in third-person. It’s amazing talent, but it can creep me

    • I, Ebola

      Me: So who’s Bibi, yo ho?
      Guy: Bibi’s a parrot! An African Grey PARROT! D:<

    • sableflare

      quackquackquackquackquackquackquack…*whistlewhistle* I lol every time!

    • Peggy Rider

      And one more….this bird is so funny! 😀 

    • Sarah Price

      Funny Parrot want STEAK LOL

    • Advantage Recovery

      Poor bird. “Sends a shout out to Barack Obama”. Whatever happened to voting
      for someone for the right reasons, like agreeing with their views or
      politics? African Greys are wonderful birds-if they could vote, I am sure
      none of their votes would be based on race or how “cool” the president is.
      This guy is running the best country on earth…INTO THE GROUND. A Grey
      would not stand for that. Awesome bird though!

    • Ṫḩṓḿ Ƒᴙᴑᶊᵵ
    • Ana Gamboa

      This video is frickin hilarious!

    • Nige Tom

      This is crazy! A bird that mimics human speech. Sounds posses 

    • John A. Sabha

      LOOL barack obammma so coool

    • Alex Brockman

      African grey with a country accent… lol

    • Kayana Koe

      Bibi: “Cheerio”. …I pity the bird.

    • curly3jdd

      Parrots can YouTube?

    • Pete L

      hahaha thats awesome

    • GranddaughterCoyote

      Barack Obamaaa!

    • Sasha S

      That parrot id so funny

    • Katie Annabelle Cochran

      Steak? STEAK?! I want some! 😀 lol cute. X3 <3

    • Roman Bellic

      and they know how to use the computer.

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