8 replies to "Black Palm Cockatoo Talking"

    • tootsietootoo

      WOW…I have a Black Palm..and he has never spoken in the 8 years I have had him. Always wondered what he might sound like if ever he does…thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!

    • Tom Brown

      Must be hard for him to try speaking since his mouth can't close all the way….

    • Maulin Agrawal

      Haha vegetable

    • lisa248363

      My Palm talks like this 🙂

    • Rylah Channel

      Your bird's beak is so shiny even when it's black, actually it was brighter than my teeth,,,,,,LOL,,,…..

    • jake schreiner

      yeah..  their large beaks make them not the best candidate if you want a parrot that talks but they are very beautiful birds none the less

    • lotusbandicoot

      I heard what sounded like "vegetable," "basketball," and "elephant."

    • Attack rabbit

      What exactly is it trying to say?
      I know it's mouth isn't designed for talking, but all I can make out is "vegetable".

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