Our Macaw Kala, Talking saying (Mainly just saying “No”)

    6 replies to "Blue and Gold Macaw talking 1"

    • Alaa Kh

      how old was in video?

    • Dheevesh M

      doesn't it flies away and get lost? please reply

    • Alaa Kh

      how is this parrot now?

    • Dr. Wondertainment

      WELL SHIT, looks like you' bird givin' you some sass, you gon' do somfin bout' dat'?

    • WhatYouGotZ

      Bird Owner:"Girl Talk to me ! "Bird:"No,nononono" Bird:"abab,iabab."Bird another owner?:"i love y.." bird:" I louve y" You teaching good 😀 my bird loves to talk when i come to pc he come too he shit on the pc monitor yesterday and my camera 🙁
      i didnt do nothing because i cleaned it up 😀 …. naah… i love birds 😀
      and i have dog for 2 years and my cavy about 6 years… i think my cavy gonna live only 1 year more 🙁

    • Thulfecar .Al-Hakim

      Haha thats amazing, my blue and gold is still trying to talk and can only say things half way.

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