UPDATE: Ceiling fan had been replaced with a macaw gym a long time ago!! Thank you for your concern!! Here is Lipton at a little more than a year talking to mommy!

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    • Leslie Jude

      Adorable! I have one need one of those my whole life I am now working a part time job to save up the money to get me a buddy! Good job with your Macaw ,you can tell you love him and he loves you!

    • Mack Baldwin

      @mazzystar96 only if they are flighted…

    • Underworldisis1

      @myfordranger-my ex-gf left me a cage & bird worth a small fortune & I am such an asshole I complain about it. Get in there grab that beak & kiss it, they bite less that way. Macaws are great but you gotta be an animal person they need Attn. & training! Find a bird person to try to find your bird a more suitable home sounds like neither of you are happy.
      Did you polish this birdy's beak? How shiny black it is! LOVES IT…

    • myfordranger

      these birds are very loud! high mantenance!. i have a blue and gold that my ex girlfriend kind of left me so i keep it all these yrs. but now that im getting older i cant stand the noise! they just dont shut up. messy, mice come in the house for there food and my house is a nitemare sometimes when i start to clean. they dont like noise! unless your a true bird lover i wouldnt keep one unless the bird is far away in another closed seal proof room. take it from me my bird just doesnt shut up.;

    • alexandrooona13579

      wow! yours can learn word just like that

    • lollipop7291

      i had a bird just like that…but he died Nov 18 2010.I loved him so much.He could talk to haha

    • lollipop7291

      i had a bird just like that…but he died Nov 18 2010.I loved him so much

    • music59

      yes i im soo sure i will i want mine to b just like lipton im so excited te baby i picked is so gental and sweet but its alot of money but hopefully we'll make it

    • Kimberly Collins

      Lipton was about 1,000 when we got him. They are alot like puppies in that they use their moouths (beaks) on everything including fingers, wrists, ears, so it is up to you to set the limits on what pressure is acceptable. He needs his beak like you need your fingers to do most of your tasks. I am able to put my hand in all 5 of our macaws beakswith no broken bones to this day! : ) YOU WILL LOVE BEING OWNED BY A MACAW!!!

    • music59

      are you ever afraid lipton will ever break your finger im getting a baby blue gold for christmas ive been waiting for one since i was 3 years old haha how much was lipton

    • Jessa Camacho

      I love blue and gold Macaws i have one named percy and they`re so cute in person

    • music59

      where did you buy lipton ive been looking everywhere for a baby macaw how much was he

    • George Mirchev

      The way he said "hello" sounded like he's up to something… watch your back!

    • pinkfairyhannah

      Lmao! is the first thing she says 'I Didn't do anything?!'

      So cute!

    • Ofek Ovadia

      its really cool to know that birds are actually decadents of the dinosaurs
      so you basically have a pet dinosaur

    • diana herrera

      love your baby and enjoy every minute my baby died and I can still cant get over it he passed away 3 years ago he could sing roll over say whatever spanish bad words called me mama i miss him Bless You and Your baby macaw wish you the best

    • ella

      very cute!

      But I would advise you to perhaps turn off the fan if your parrot is fully flighted. 😀

    • fuzznutz

      ceiling fans….dangerous to parrots

    • xirvin92

      hey guys im think im gonna get a parrot, not sure what kind yet, anyway can anyone give me name suggestions (for a male parrot)

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