Video of Blue and Gold Macaw Rachel Talking. She says “Wings” while showing her wings! Listen as this parrot says:

Step Up
High Five
Roll Over

Learn how to teach your parrot tricks and talking:

Rachel is standing on a Parrot Training Perch:

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    20 replies to "Blue and Gold Macaw Talking – Rachel"

    • Professor Blueberries

      wings! wings!

    • Scott Murphy

      She's beautiful, I love macaws ?

    • Luna fan031

      Her beak is way too long. I wonder is this explained or how are you guys treating it?

    • Kelsey Jones

      She's adorable

    • Cry Whit

      I love how she made the clicker noise! She wants a treat…lol.


      how much?i want to buy this Parrots im in Indonesia

    • ashley eden

      It seems like her beak has gotten a little over grown. In some of the other videos it was a little smaller with less of a point.

    • Mahnoor Awan

      she's like I'm a boss

    • Aws AmER

      can I know which is better macaw or cockatoo who is more scream

    • malik daniel

      Can someone tell? Is there a size difference between male and female in blue and gold macaw??

    • Wolf Angel


    • Extreme Fireworks

      hello parrot wizard που μπορω να βρω truman cape poicephalus robustus

    • Αντωνια Κιουλαφη

      parrot wizard που μπορω να βρω ενα truman cape poicephalus robustus

    • Sam SPRO

      Where do you get your perches from?

    • Birds corner

      I loved the wings part it was adorable shooooo cute

    • The RUFFled Rippers

      is a budgie harness 28.01 on your website?Im wondering cause its the same for all sizes even though it takes more money to make..

    • Christopher Gould

      Absolutely gorgeous! I had such fun clicker training my bird (who passed away two years ago) – but I think he enjoyed it more than I, and Rachel here shows us that this is true for parrots! Great job and a very happy macaw.

    • Luisa L

      I got a GCC a few weeks ago and we're great friends! I would like to train her, but can I get your book as an ebook/download? I live in Australia.

    • Mr.BlueDude

      Do you do training for parrots

    • zlongz

      I'm rescuing a blue and gold on Friday I can't wait such beautiful creatures

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