These are my two blue crown conures (BCC) Weedy and Jimmer. The most active one in the video is Weddy, and the quiet one is Jimmer. I adopted them 2 months ago from Feathered Friends Sancuary in Edgerton Wisconsin. If you are looking to adopt a parrot and live near the sancuary., i STRONGLY advise you to adopt there:) (You can also hear my little parakeet Rontu in the backround tweeting. Sorry i ran out of video :/

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    20 replies to "Blue Crown Conure singing/dancing/talking"

    • Usual March

      Do you have a cockatiel? It sounded like it with a specific whistle in the video

    • gail cyphers

      i love these birds and us owners are all alike. we love them and find what they do very entertaining

    • Sarah Becker

      so how loud are they? like sun conures or less anoying. I would love a blue crown. I have a black capped. your birds are too cute.

    • Maya Eaton

      Awwww. I used to have one c: theyre such great birds <3

    • Elnora Terry

      how much for one of your baby jenday?

    • Amber Slagle

      where did you get you bird from?

    • Jeff M

      do you still have them?

    • Craig Manning

      What Beautiful Birds!

    • Mana667

      So cuuute! 😀

    • Tray Stephany

      Nice birds. 

    • Samantha Kolthoff

      I used to have ok be of these parrots named her baby and she was the sweetest parrot ever. She was very protective over me tho lol wouldn't let anyone near me unless they wanted to get bit lol my little cuddle buddy

    • Caprice Wilton

      Naaawwww! Im getting a pineapple conure tomorrow!

    • john doe

      ive heard they exibit homo sexual behavior

    • Arthur Janecek

      Oh what a cute baby.

    • Tori Najera

      Have you seen the movie Paulie?

    • Julie Sheriff

      achh !! I continue to be a good. mother to BIRDY,my parakeet,
      he's about. 7. mo. old, alone in his cage, he. DOES. love loud
      ROCK that. hubby. plays, and. D/W/T/S's

    • iferrari

      So cute and adorable birds!!!

    • Ali Farnum

      i have one too but he daces by bobing his head up and down

    • TK2692

      Such beautiful birds!

    • susanlieb1


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