by blue crowned conure loves to talk , laugh, do tricks and act like a clown!!!

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    • Heather Reis

      SO cute!! And spitting image of my BCC Bailey who also loves to laugh & cackles like a witch when really gets going lol????

    • Tom Dooly

      I have a green cheek conure

    • Craig Manning

      Such a nice bird. I had blue crowned for 32 years. (RIP) I miss 'Verde bird'.

    • Analia Arce


    • Mabel M

      me cuesta educarlo como lo as conseguido?

    • Christine Mick

      mon dou ye drole!!!!!!!!  Est-il encore avec toi?

    • Lee Gilholm

      Just got one of these how long did it take yous to train it like that mine is 2 looks exactly like yours

    • Nicole Bunn

      Awesome laugh!

    • DreamzInfinite

      thers a sun conure calling out for you in the background i guess 🙂

    • Craig Hunter

      I love his voice!

    • Feuerblut

      He sounds like a dog toy ^^ love him

    • Rachel

      That's some scary laugh

    • Belec Eric

      yeah his name is Edward and we made a nice setup. he likes it

    • Belec Eric

      ya it's french.. watatatow, t'es un beau bebe ( your a nice baby ), hmmmm ca va etre bon ( hmmm it's gonna be yummy ) and stuff like that!

    • Belec Eric

      less playfull but more talkative. it's so fun to live with him..

    • Belec Eric

      faut que tu lui jase souvent et que tu le stimule..

    • Belec Eric

      nah it's the other bird.. sun conure in the background

    • Aquarius Moonstone

      1:42 – Birdie got mad cuz owner didn't follow correctly. lol

    • immystick

      comment a tu fait pour lui montrer

    • 101hamsterful

      awwww…. I can understand them but it is still adorable

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