This Macaw video, Mikey The Macaw is our very funny Blue and Gold Macaw Parrot showering, flying, cuddling, biting, at bars, cafes, parks, eating, preening, nibbling, outdoors, adventures, road trips and much much more. This is our first month with Mikey The Macaw. If you are buying a macaw, yes they can be as amazing as this but also a lot of work. I will try upload something like this once a month. More videos of Mikey below and many more to come so why not subscribe. We

    2 replies to "Blue Macaw Parrot (Macaw Talking, Parrot Talking)"

    • adam ezell

      i have two blue and golds the sound he is making is an aggravated sound from the other birds chirping is causing him stress

    • adam ezell

      he needs toys and the hand thing is makeing him mad

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