9 replies to "Charlie talking and getting grumpy. blue fronted amazon parrot"

    • Kacey Fletcher

      I have a Amazon that is 97 years

    • Lynne NYC

      I think some changes would help. First, his cage isn't really big enough. He would benefit from a larger cage he really needs some toys to play with and destroy. He is a beautiful healthy bird. My YNA hates having fingers waved at him and it's a sure way to get him wound up and aggressive. Not a good move with an amazon! They hate being teased!

    • Kelly Heckman

      This guy is so annoying

    • Lynne NYC

      Please don't tease Charlie! No one likes to be teased and poked at. He and scratch are appreciated but not teasing he also really needs some toys. They are smart and need to have things to explore and chew!

    • louis guerin

      My Blue-front Amazon is 23 years old and she can be moody, very moody! One minute she wants to be scratched and two minutes later she'll rip your hand off. I walk away when she is nasty . . . like a time-out for a temper tantrum 3 year old. She does like being able to see us all the time though; must a be insecurity thing. We do play You Tube videos for her all the time though and she does like them.

    • Crystalic Artist

      Hey guys- I’m wondering which bird I should get… a blue fronted amazon or a Soloman Island Eclectus. Don’t worry, I’ve owned parrots before and researched a lot. I just cant think of which I should get and I’m thinking only one of them. So which do you think?


      I have other birds
      I’ll let him fly around outside (looking for a male)
      Will take him on walks of course
      He won’t be free roamed and will have a cage though (large)
      Will have plenty of toys, interaction etc (to where there is a limit though!)
      And more…

      I’m hoping he will get along with my other birds (each bird is individual though so we don’t know what he will think of them)

      Well… any ideas?

    • Jason Azus

      that cage is way too small.

    • jen m

      Would you please find a bigger cage for Charlie? ❤😰😓😣💔

    • AnnMarie

      I love this bird 🙂

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