My 12 year old Yellow head Amazon Parrot calls the cat (imaginary), sings I love you, says what you doing, huh? and talks about herself — until she gets irritated at the camera. This bird totally hates the camera so we were surprised to get anything.

    22 replies to "Chloe' ~Talking & Singing Double Yellow-head Amazon Parrot"

    • Carol Delmonico

      It looks Like my bird daisy

    • Cameron

      I live in Southern California and we have hundreds of yellow headed amazon parrots that flock daily.

    • Birds 4 Tame

      My dream bird…. I cant afford it in my country its price is 7 lakh rupees… 😭

    • Carol Delmonico

      She looks like my bird daisy

    • Daniel Velarde

      How loud are they like let's say compared to a cockatiel if you've ever heard how loud they could be I really want to get one of these.

    • Linda K Andrews

      Chloe, is gorgeous.

    • Marilea Smith, Musician

      Do you still have your double yellow headed Amazon Parrot? I have a male wondering if you want a male companion for Chloe who is 20 years of age as of 2020. (papers/born in 1995).

    • Zahid iqbal Offical

      Blessings ماشاءاللہ

    • A kid and his birbs

      got a blue front for £525 so $656

    • Tony Cockram

      Does Chloe sell insurance like Joey?

    • Emanuel Figueroa Diaz

      Why is my bird so aggressive with me he always try’s to attack me and he bits is really hard when we want to hand feed him

    • giovanna

      Angie, you have a lovely voice. So relaxed and melodious. That's a lucky bird!

    • 《DangerFeather900》


    • infinitecanadian

      The name of the breed sounds like the parrot has two heads.

    • Mrs H

      Chloe is gorgeous. I rescued a Double Yellowhead years ago. She just turned 37. Her name is Sammie. She meows, sings La Cucaracha, asks "are you a pretty bird?" Wolf whistles, tells ow, ow, ow… which a neighbor could hear, and hollered over asking me if I was ok lolol. She's says so many more things and she's still learning. There's a birdsitter video you can get on dvd for when you're at work, etc. Sammie loves it.

    • General Heavy

      My grandparents had one

    • Denise Llamas


    • Denise Llamas

      Hi Chloe you're nice parrot

    • Bluezerg

      Mine can only scream OK REAL GOOD THAN

    • Emily Roman

      I have the same amazon and it says whacha doing,huh too!

    • Vanessa Castillo

      My dad has that same bird but can't tell if its male or female😒

    • Donkey Juice

      i have one of those. he's hilarious. his name is Milo and he's 13. every time you talk to him he says "what". lol. he also sings his name, and lots more.

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