African Grey Parrots are known for their extensive vocabulary and put together this compilation of clips of Macy talking.

Dedicated to Fritids Tur

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    • Dictator Shawn

      What are you doin

    • Talking Kit Grey Parrot

      She is absolutely adorable! Love her to bits 💕

    • Bragdon Family Adventures

      Did you republish this? I see my comment from two months ago! LOL Macy needs to tell you NO Means NO, now that would make a video! LOL My computer gave me a hard time watching this it kept rebuffing, how did you get the spinner image to spin while rebuffing?

    • Travel with Yvonne

      Macy is so smart and cute 🙂

    • Hottey Hottey

      Clear Talking Parrot – Very cute)

    • Travels With Phillip

      lovely bird! Thanks friend, Happy holidays!

    • Zain

      very smart African grey

    • Fritids Tur

      Macy have fun voice)

    • Gail

      oh so cute macy we have an amazon parrot 🙂 they are so cute but not as intelligent as yours :)subbed 🙂

    • Kolobok TV

      Friends!!! Cool video!

    • Bits of Real Panther

      Full view and like #34 from me! Such a beautiful bird — it almost makes me want one!
      It really is amazing all the things they can learn and do!
      Thanks for sharing, Marcozo T, and you have a great Sunday!

    • The FairFam

      Awww soooo sweet😄💕💕💕

    • Our Earth Our Home

      cute bird! lovely video! liked!
      Thanks friend Have a nice weekend greetings!

    • VictorWirus

      Worlds most adorable parrot Whoop Whoop! Cuuuuuuuuuuute! 🙂

    • Дневник Прораба

      Great video!! Thumbs up!Big like!

    • speak to bird

      nice African Grey Subbed you 🙂

    • beauty blogger

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    • The Wild Adventure Girls

      Macy is such an adorable happy little bird! We love hearing her! "You talkin to me?" Huge like from us!!♥♥♥

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      I enjoyed watching your videos! Big Liked! NEW SUBIE to your channel. Please SUB Back.

    • WonderBricks

      So nice!!! Liked!! ****

    • Just Ask Evelyn!

      AWESOME!!!!! COOL!!!:)

    • inthekitchenwithelisa

      Hello Macy😍You are an absolutely gorgeous parrot! Oh my, how beautiful she is!🤗 I love watching these! She is so clever,she said so many things! Wow!!! I am so impressed!😍

    • Anna Rammel

      Macy is fantastic! We had a wonderful vacation, thank you 🙂 👍👏❤


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    • Bragdon Family Adventures

      She is so sweet! I can't get over how smart she is!

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      Hello, West Bosnia sent me to your channel. Cool channel so I subscribed. Hope you can do the same too. Thanks. Subbed#771.

    • Jenny's Covers

      Hi Marcozo my friend! Macy is wonderful! Thumbs up 🙂 Have a nice week ….All the best…..♫ Jenny ♫

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