Adopt don’t shop!!!! Pebble is my bestest friend in the wide world!!! Shes seen many many homes before we found each other. Please instead of a baby bird, find a turkey just like Pebble, who needs a home. Wether it’s in the classifieds or from your nearest rescue. Thos way you can know already which “issues” the bird has. Many don’t have issues they have misunderstandings is completely all!!!!! Many just need a home because they’ve lost their best friend, and just only need a new one. I’ve turned on comunity contributions for close captions if anyone knows how to do it giver!!!! Please!!! Sorry for not being able to do it hey? 😉😉😜😜

    13 replies to "Cockatoo epic freakout (warning fowl language)"

    • Bi Won

      Sound like a black girlfriend.

    • Sandra Valdez

      Who taught her this stuff?

    • Yvonne Marshall

      Love that Cockatoo Beautiful I can tell he loves his owner soooo much Have fun Yvonne Marshall

    • rawr beans.

      so nobody’s dropping the lyrics?????

    • A Krenwinkle

      Now you know what Bill Clinton deals with.

    • Ms Emc Clark

      Don't shop Autonation. They will rip you off. Double ck your numbers.

    • Ms Emc Clark

      Teaching bad emotions.

    • Ms Emc Clark

      Terrible. Poor bird.

    • Luz A Agudelo

      I love your baby. Awwwwwwww ja ja ja ja teach him to pray.

    • prijassy

      Hahhahahja what a stupid person who taught this

    • nalini hurry

      Pebbles done gone crazy with her sailor language..Lol

    • Sultan Mehdi

      What a lovely creature 😘

    • Erwin Tolus

      'I love you, baby.'


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