My cockatoo Geronimo loves to go to the park to dance and socialize with the children. This is a great way for Geronimo to get fresh air, sunshine, exercise.

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    • Margaret McAllister

      Beautiful ❤️????????

    • Sally Spiewakowski

      So cute and a good learning for children.

    • Dazzlebirdy

      I totally know the joys (and perils) of being the housemate to an umbrella cockatoo. My dear Cuddles totally loved the attention and admiration of crowds (even little children) but did not want to be touched by them. She lived with me for over 23 years and I loved them all (even with the destruction). I enjoy this and all the other things they do to show their spontaneous joy.

    • Musicofothers

      You're such a good birdie owner! I love that you let your birds go outside. It's so good for them to be outside where they were really meant to be!

    • birdlady423

      Geronimo sometimes bites, so I am very cautious about anyone touching or holding him. Occasionally, I will hold his beak and feet and let people hug or pet him. It is very difficult at times to own a cockatoo. They scream, bite, shred and destroy things, and demand a huge amount of attention. He is my baby and I love him very much, but he requires a great deal of attention and care.

    • Anthony Romani

      1:02 they can touch the cockatoo if they want to. Meanest cockatoo owner ever. And if i ever touch Geronimo and you say no, i'm gonna ignore you. you can kiss my butt

    • Kittie Candy

      he always turns my frown upside down!

    • SkyDawnandSun


    • birdlady423

      @wwilliamsjr Thank you so very much! Yes, Geronimo is a cutie and my funny sweetie pie! Geronimo is the happiest when he is entertaining a group of children!
      Happy New Year!

    • Sarah Williams

      Awww Geronimo Is Such A Cutie!
      (And Funny)

    • birdlady423

      @pencilluna10 Animal have more common sense than most people! They know when to eat and sleep! Good luck with the next video and fixing your camera!

    • birdlady423

      @pencilluna10 Thanks! I would love to see your birds' reaction to Geronimo's video. If you want to make a video of that and send it as a video response, that would be great! I really should have Geronimo on a more strict schedule.

    • birdlady423

      @momkat201 THANKS for your wonderful comment! Children everywhere always love Geronimo, and oh, how he loves them back1 I am so glad that Dolly likes my videos too.

    • Mary B

      What a fantastic video and opportunity for these children! You are a great bird mommy. Love all your videos – and so does Dolly my sweet Caique!

    • Gabriella D'Ambrosio . Gael

      5 * * * * *

    • birdlady423

      Hello verticalsmurf! It is so good to hear from you. Thanks for your great comment. I would just love to see you bobbing along with Geronimo's dancing. Now that really would be a hit video. LOL
      Beakie kisses from Geornimo

    • verticalsmurf

      Once Geronimo gets into it it really looks like he is having fun! (Don't tell anyone, but I was bobbing along with Geronimo)
      Big kisses to your beautiful boy!

    • Olivia Ferrie

      birthlady ………XD

    • Olivia Ferrie

      Maybe a video of Geronimo by your christmas tree?

    • birdlady423

      Thanks Olivia! His thrill of being with the children really shows starting at 1:21. This is my favorite part.
      Merry Christmas to you! I am wanting to do a Christmas video, but I don't have a good idea yest. Do you?
      Hugs from Linda & Mr. G

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