Mostly what comes out is “hey Cherry,” “cheep cheep,” “peep,” “it’s a baby,” and other combinations of those words, but all you birds out there know what I’m really trying to say.

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    • Claudia S.

      Awww so adorable. I have a Pineapple Conure named Riri and a Pearly Conure named Priprie.
      Riri can say :I love you baby, Give me kiss, Muaaahhhh (with a kiss soundsat the end ), Stop that, Kiss kiss, Agua(Water in Spanish), what?, pito (my grandmother's calling for our farm birds), daddy, apple. She was learning lots till we got Priprie, now they talk more in conure talk. Priprie can say similar things but she does it only when she is falling sleep. She is very shy. Right now she gives kisses with a Muaaahhh sound or at Give me kiss command. Very sweet parrots 😍

    • phdh13

      my coure says hello and ithink ha can say thank you and when the dog howls he yells at the dog some times i think he swears

    • DesertFox101

      How's she doing? xD

    • mikejessmax

      I asked Ernie what Cherry said & he said: "Pretty Bird".

    • Peekaboo Parrots

      Hahahaha. I can never tell what my conure is saying but I can make out some things.

    • xRedLily

      my conure is tying to figure out where the sound is coming from.. now hes biting the sound box xD haha cute how yours talks! mine can only say "hey" at this point

    • MrShaun42088

      they are sooooo cute. Their little chirpy talk just melts your heart <3

    • CatfishBigg

      conures make the best noises

    • Emy Altukrov

      mine makes fart noises and talks and makes kiss noises while he kisses

    • kaczyma

      Cute birdie!

    • shecooks

      Mine says what and yeah

    • parrotsRcute

      My conures do the exact same thing 😀 I once taught my Green cheek how to say "What cha' doin?"

    • First name

      mine doesnt sound like this. all of the others ive heard talking sound different from her. she does however like to dance to shakira 😀

    • Susanne Raynard

      my greencheek is a big fan!

    • av

      LOL !!!! great stuff cute

    • PurcelulKiki

      Adorable! Our greencheek conure enjoyed listening to the "cheep cheep" part (he knows how to say "hi baby" as well, and sounds very similar to yours, so he was excited to hear Cherry). Thanks for the idea — now we'll try to teach him to "cheep cheep." 🙂

    • André Champagne

      My greencheck conure doesn't speak very well, but she see we are goint to put her to bed (putting a cloth over is cage), she speak WAY better than during the day.

      During the day we recognise what she want to say, but during the bedding time, she speak very clear. I think it's only to get more attention and bypass her bed time 😛

    • siviblakhawk

      hehe. I just bought my Green Cheek yesterday. She hasn't said much at all, be she enjoyed listening to Cherry. got all excited and started chirping softly and dancing. =)

    • Kevin Dixon

      Mine won't talk until right before he's going to bed at night when all the lights are off. Then he starts saying "baby" and "good boy" and "good boyby" which is his own word. The only thing he says during the day is "shut up!" when he's been screaming for a while. How do you get him to talk during the day?

    • mikejessmax

      "Hi, Cherry"
      "Hi Cherry baby"…

      Can you put the subtitles on the description box? I couldn't understand her very well.

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