Conure Sounds & Talking – Conure Parrot Singing & Noises – Funny Conure Dancing


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    9 replies to "Conure Sounds & Talking – Conure Parrot Singing & Noises – Funny Conure Dancing"

    • jgp2

      Stupid music

    • Boleyn_3

      The very loud screech is worth the color and personality of a sun conure. 🌞🧡💛💚💙

    • 3 Furbabies & houseplants -Aurela ,Esmee and Gemma

      Goodmorning Beautiful 💖💗💖 nice to meet you 🛎🐾

    • อาเนีย channel🍡

      See and melt❤️❤️🥰

    • Mark Cary

      I also have a sun concure and her name is Sunny she's such a great little girl

    • Dave Warrender

      Quick Gareth, sign up that green conure, it's got better heading skills than the rest of the England side

    • ZeNItSu

      This is too cute I’m gonna die😍😍😍😍😍

    • Raideur Ng

      That little wrestling match was cute as heck.

    • Jarrod Zarr

      What's the thing the sun conure did in the beginning with its head bobbing? Mine used to do that particular bob some times but I never figured out why haha

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