S. Elvis saying, “Rub the Bird” “Rub the Pretty Boy”, “Uh, Oh What’s That”.

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    • Miychangoe the Owl


    • laura cozzarelli

      Rub the bird, dammit! He's getting all Sam Kinneson on you 🙂

    • Deena Forcier

      He really wants your attention!

    • remedyfarm

      Training humans takes soooo long.

    • Eric Kent

      S. Elvis is one very HAPPY Cockatoo. You can tell by how vocal and playful he is he is just full of happiness and health and life.I know quite a few cockatoo owners and all of their birds are really happy but I think S Elvis takes the cake for being the happiest most random and fun loving of them all.

    • Tiffany Rupp

      I think the bird needs a rub.. o.o

    • communistrecords

      It's like he's trying to tell us something.

    • GastNdorf

      Rub da bird yooo

    • Tonto the Rockatoo

      Hes Adorable…lol…check out my Too at hotbungirl1 ; )

    • Eric Kent

      Rub the Pretty Boy.

    • court1100f

      Hes too precious!!!! Thats absolutely Adorable!!!!!! I've gotta Moluccan female named Rosie shes'll be 10 years old Feb 2nd BUT compared to your boy shes a stick in the mud lol

    • RectifieD


    • Thenkbv

      I think he's going to say REDRUM if you dont rub the bird~~~

    • Kayla Haines

      0:43 OMG WHAT IS THAT?!?…….. pet the bird C:

    • fannoj

      thats what i heard it as as well untill i read the title and listne to it some more.

    • lewissolis

      i think it's sam kineson reincarnated!

    • Aard

      LOL it sounds like "ROCKET BIRD!" to me

    • mabus024

      LMAO! The way he used "Uh oh, what's that?!" in context (when he puffed up) totally cracked me up!!!

    • ViolaOrchDork

      I've saved just about all of Elvis' videos on my favorites because he just cracks me up! He is crazy

    • zzzzzzz

      man that thing's scary, especially when he raises his feathers

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