Lola my yellow crowned amazon just loves to be heard!
We love nothing more than getting her high on life learning new words on cue!!

Parrots are always great fun when they are talking!
I find her hilarious when she speaks, even after 14 years!

Communication is key to a healthy flock and this is a great way to achieve this!! It’s not as hard as you may think and well worth giving a try!

I hope you enjoy this crazy little bundle of you!

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    28 replies to "CRAZY TALKING PARROT! | How to train your parrot to talk on cue!"

    • Tattooed Granny

      Wonderful and helpful!

    • Fluffymuffy Pelican

      Awww shes adorable i love her

    • gewooneerlijk

      Bye Bye Lola

    • Donna Milligan

      What can I treat you giving her

    • jas sanchez

      Hello, I just got one and he’s about 8 months. he’s very aggressive and i can’t even hold him. any tips???

    • Reia Mohammed

      From what age do they take training

    • mohammed jallow

      What bird is that

    • Hikmat Alwade

      Can a parrot learn Words after the age 5 years

    • Hikmat Alwade

      Can a parrot learn Words after the age 5 years

    • My Social

      You are echoing in that room and I can’t understand you.

    • Varsha Cannon

      Wheat kind of treets can you give a amazon he says a word can you please help me thank you 😊

    • gr@pe

      u have just like my parrot but he a man

    • Junaid Rauf

      Hey Craigs, what do you usually reward it with … ?

      TIA !

    • Hope Springs

      Wow I just love this channel. I hammered the like button…I subscribed, As requested… Does that make me deserving of a treat lol…Lola and yourself won me over! Great job with your bird. I watched tons of these videos and you seem to have such a great interaction and obviously understand communication is a two-way street. I don’t have a bird, at this point in my life I’m unlikely to have one. I have a 14-year-old Labrador and I love her to bits. Maybe I’ll do foster or something when I have more time🦜☮️💐💜🕊🐕

    • Trading Mind

      This video needs at least 1 million view

    • NabzAhmad🖤

      How to start in the first place ?like baby Amazonian parrots who bites and can eat in their own

    • Aleen Francois


    • john brown

      Please, tell me how better to hold as a pet, one or one pair of blue fronted amazon? I have a boy (near 4 years old ) and recent i got an 8 months old girl for him. In the last few weeks, he's become aggressive towards me. Will it be permanent or shortly? What am I supposed to do to keep him on my side? Thanks! I am very anxious and nervous about his attitude and I would like to know if he will return to me as he was before or not. What should I do? I am a poor old man who has in this world only a parrot and a few dollars a day, the vets ask me many hundreds of dollars for a little advice. Shame on them! Please can someone help me with a free advice. Thank you !

    • Book Mouse

      What a cute birdie

    • Denny the Budgie

      yellow nape amazon parrot is just so amazing!

    • Thai Mai

      Hello May I know what’s the treat you gave her please?

    • Diptanu Goswami

      Have I seen Bean?

    • george wall

      I really liked it.

    • Bambi Earning Channel

      Thank you for this video sir

    • tHReE rabBiT

      She processes info way faster than my brain, ha! 🦜 I ain’t mad.

    • Checoboy Ced

      What’s the treat ?

    • Jennifer Luedtke

      Cute! What treats are you giving her?

    • Conservative Voices University (CVU)

      This is awesome, great job Craig & Lola!!! Love it!!! 😀👍😀👍😀👍😀

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