Got some new props for Apollo. We’re running out of ways to ask questions and combinations so it ends up leading to some strange ideas. Someone needs to link us to a paper Wario or something.

Apollo is our 2 1/2 year-old African Grey parrot we’ve had since December 2020.

Founder of Shrock and renowned GLASS connoisseur.

Follow us to see what happens when you raise a talking parrot as a human!


    14 replies to "Creatief worden met de vragen 🧐"

    • @vickigonya9432

      You guys are awesome together❤️ ❤️

    • @annavanderbom3531

      I think he said blue first as he is a bit sick of the weird questions and likes to mess with you

    • @sophiaa884

      It is amazing how smart this bird is 😂

    • @janine8140

      Bros been hiding his magnificent eyes

    • @wuzzu

      ok the bird is nice but i love how enthusiastic the human sounds when he praises apollo. almost makes me want to be a good bird

    • @mellison1007

      You try talking with a beak lol, Apollo did a great Job…

    • @fisherkhongmaly9893

      Apollo is smarter than me

    • @annemoncrieff3875

      Maybe ur blue top thru the red glass made it look purple initially. Then ge notice it was actually red.

    • @micokertesz1556

      Well, there WAS a blue sweatshirr behind the red glass so, I can see how he got it wrong

    • @jackrack1441

      This is totally unfair for a bird to talk so many words, I have my friend for 48 years who was born mute and still can't say a word. I'm extremely envy of this cute little innocent bird.

    • @user-mx1ez7ub5u

      Wow!! Smart birds 😎

    • @Symonch_

      "What am i doing?"
      "Pour water."
      At camera:"please help dude is crazy just pour water in bell"

    • @BlackthornBetty

      Your birds feel used not loved.

    • @keysgirltye1

      Poor bird. He needs a break!

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