“Bye Bye, Hello, I love you” (She’s almost two years old!) Another great bird from Beaker’s Parrot Place

    20 replies to "“Cupcake” The Green Wing Macaw Talking"

    • jeanette iacovone

      I live. in SC and would love to adopt one, if anyone. knows of one needing an excellent home, I am the one.

    • Peter Caulfield

      sooooo cute

    • Cole Nalle

      What a popular Macaw 🙂 <3 <3 <3 <3

    • Aleksandar Makedonski

      beautiful bird

    • kevin menjivar

      my gw also does that dane at 226 but he fluffs up as he Bob's his head i thought it was aggression at first or is it!!! he usually does it after I say no to anything bad he does

    • Cheryl Maloney

      it's safe to say I am in love 🙂 bye bye

    • Drew Vliet

      The year is 3025. Cupcake is still saying "bye bye". When will the madness stop

    • Pima Dima

      lol I thought the parrot broke after saying bye bye alot cx

    • H H

      I love these parrots but don't you ever go nuts??

    • Dr.Kuhmilch

      I would fkn kill myself if she went on saying that shit for like another 2 years xDD

    • snow fleas

      @Wolf Ryder;
          I am so sorry to hear of the loss of your dear friend. We have been owned by a male Greenwing and a female Blue and Gold for sixteen years. The b&g is bonded closer to my husband and the greenwing is my boy. You will understand what I mean when I say he tickles my heart. He is so bonded to me and I to him that it just breaks my heart to hear of your loss. I am so very sorry and there are no words to express the loss I feel for you and your family. May memories of good times past get you through this painful time.
      Vicki Henderson

    • Theresa Rij

      She's adorable!

    • kyerstin sharpless

      How old is she? We have a one year old and he is just starting to talk.

    • Sarah Edwards

      Love this.  I am bringing home a greenwing in the next few months..can't wait

    • 667Zach

      THAT BIRD IS AWSOME I WANT ONE!I have a cocktail and shes 1.

    • steatki1

      So Sorry to hear about the loss of your Green Wing. I've never felt so close to a pet like our Green Wing. We would be devastated. Please give our regards to your Mom.

    • Wolf Ryder

      (We lost ours)

    • Wolf Ryder

      He was a year and a half old, he was the best pet you could ask for, sorry for bothering u guys with this sad news:(

    • Wolf Ryder

      Today I lost ours to the damn hawks, and two minutes earlier we saw him coming doen from his stand, my mom is depressed cause it was like her child.

    • moschos pats

      can anyone imagine that i work at a coffe lounge bar and we have a greenwing macaw just like him in the basement !! ok thats bad ! but i really like that he is so happy when he sees me !! and i want to spend all of my time to play with him and know each other!! he is such a smart bird !! fidel his name is btw

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