Arthur and I are having a chat about nite nite and bye bye. This is all he ever says.

    8 replies to "Cute talking bird: Having a chat with Arthur the goffins cockatoo"

    • JKL

      He said hello many times..

    • JKL

      I heard "hello" too!

    • Chrissy P

      He is beautiful angel!!

    • Miranda Decker

      did Arthur pull on his feathers on his chest he doesn't have any on his chest

    • Danielle

      He'd be a good backstreet boy

    • Seona Beaufield

      He is an awesome bird. Love the way he looks at you with those gorgeous eyes. He can go baby anyt

    • piscesbobbie

      Is he 'sporting' a brood patch on his chest? Your birds are awesome!

    • Lisa Adolf

      Awwww, he really seems to be saying a lot more with his eyes and body language!! Not sure what, mind you, but a lot more!! Thanks for sharing. You and your birds really brighten up my days.

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