dancing African Grey Parrot to Pitbull and Lil’ Jon

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    • ManguSuLover

      lol XD s/hes awesome XD

    • Matt Pat

      AWESOME. Looks like he or she is younger than a year?

    • Vatanparast

      That bird is angry despite the dancing, you can tell from the eyes, when
      they squint that’s a sign of anger and being upset at the person they’re
      looking at.

    • minybirdsbigbirds

      Oh your parrot is in beatiful shape! I love African Greys because you never
      know what they are going to do next.

    • adry0586

      hahahahaha too funny!!!!!!!!!

    • PookieBoo97

      what a cutie!

    • messymomoment

      very lovely, hahaha

    • tironh

      i want that thing

    • pythoness

      lol my grey does the same, appears to love Pitbull!!

    • PookieBoo97

      @tironh its an african grey, not a thing

    • PookieBoo97

      @tironh thing?

    • Ann Andi

      Very cute 🙂

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